c++ oracle调用库 oracle class library(ocl) 3.3 源代码

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ocl 从oracle的oci接口封装而成,是稳定的c++调用库,采用ANSI C++和STL编写而成,支持windows和linux操作系统,解决直接使用oci的痛苦,且含有源码和使用例子,使用十分方便。
Oracle Class Library for C++ Copyright 1999-2009, Devart. All Rights Reserved -------------------------------------------------- Oracle Class Library (OCL) provides native connectivity to the Oracle database server. OCL uses Oracle Call Interface (OCI) directly. OCI is low-level native application programming interface to access to Oracle. Using OCI in Oracle Class Library allows to create lightweight and fast applications working with Oracle. Oracle Class Library encapsulates OCI calls in high-level classes that allows to hide the complexity of using OCI directly and keep performance and all abilities of native routines. With OCL you can use the power and flexibility of SQL in your application programs without any restrictions. OCL contains classes to control connection, execute SQL statements, store and process result rows of queries and some common classes useful for developing database applications. All classes have intuitive, easy to use interface. OCL is written with ANSI C++ and uses Standard C++ Library only that allows you to port your application easily to another platform. Oracle Class Library provides easiness in using from Pro*C/C++ and power of Oracle Call Interface. OCL allows you to - design and develop cross-platform highly customized database applications - improve performance of data processing in your applications - compile the same application for different platforms - automatically convert between Oracle internal datatypes and high-level language datatypes - fetch rows quickly - cache result rows in memory to process them later - use arrays as input and output program variables - call stored procedures easily - handle errors - use LONG fields in the database To sum it up, OCL is a full-featured tool that supports a professional approach to develop database applications. Compatibility ------------- OCL supports Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 8.0 and 7.3, including Personal and Lite. OCL 3.00 includes library for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0, 7.1, 7.0 and 6.0, Borland C++ Builder 6 and 5, Kylix 3 for C++ and GNU compiler. OCL was compiled with GNU C++ compiler version 2.91 and later. Using ----- To support OCL in your project you need - Add OCL header and OCI header folders - Add OCL library and OCI library - Insert OCL header #include "ocl.h" OCL headers: ocl\include OCL library: MSVC for x64: ocl\lib\msvc\x64\ocl.lib MSVC: ocl\lib\msvc\ocl.lib BCB: ocl\lib\bcb\ocl.lib gcc: libocl.a or libocl.so in gcc3.4: ocl\lib\gcc34\ gcc3.X: ocl\lib\gcc3\ gcc2.X: ocl\lib\gcc2\ OCI headers: ocl\oci\include or MSWIN: <ORACLE_HOME>\oci\include Linux: $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo OCI library: MSVC: ociw32.lib or oci.lib in ocl\oci\lib\msvc\ or <ORACLE_HOME>\oci\lib\msvc\ BCB: For Oracle servers 8.17 and earlier add libraries ociw32.lib or oci.lib from ocl\oci\lib\bcb\ or <ORACLE_HOME>\oci\lib\bc\ folders. For later Oracle servers use implib.exe Borland utility to create .lib file from existing .dll. This goal can be achived using the following command line: <BCB>\bin\implib.exe <ORACLE_HOME>\oci\lib\bc\oci.lib <ORACLE_HOME>\bin\oci.dll gcc: $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libclntsh.so -------------------- http://www.devart.com ocl@devart.com
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