windows mobile Gps

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使用VS2008开发,windows mobile6以上系统。 经多次测试,稳定。好用。
Code Sample Name: Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Samples.Location Feature Area: GPS and Managed Programming Description: This sample shows how to wrap the native GPS Api in a simple to use C# class. Project ManagedGps contains the following classes: Gps: The interface to the managed gps api. use this class to open, close, query the device state, and query the position data from your gps hardware. GpsPosition: Contains the GPS position data received from the gps hardware GpsDevice: Contains GPS device state data received from the gps hardware Utils: Native memory allocation utilities Usage: Make sure your GPS hardware is setup correctly using the GPS control panel in Settings. You may also use the in the Tools\GPS directory where you installed the SDK to use simulated GPS data. For more information see FakeGPSReadme.txt in the same directory. Once you have your GPS set up, you need to Build and Run the GpsSample to see it work. Relevant APIs/Associated Help Topics: GPSApi, Managed PInvokes, Managed and Native Data Marshalling Assumptions: GPS hardware is setup on the device. Requirements: Visual Studio 2005, Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK, Activesync 4.5. ** For more information about this code sample, please see the Windows Mobile SDK help system. **
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