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awesome-laravel, 令人愉快的Laravel PHP框架包和资源的精选列表 的Laravelcurated delightful PHP框架 PHP packages和资源的精选列表。 激发其他 awesome列表。封装搜索搜索- 搜索来自 DuckDuckGo的Laravel 软件包,包括将'Packag
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Awesome Laravel =============== A curated list of delightful [Laravel]( PHP framework [packages](#packages) and [resources](#resources). Inspired by other [awesome lists]( ## Packages - [DuckDuckGo Packagist Search]( - Search for Laravel packages from [DuckDuckGo]( by including 'packagist' as first search term. \[06/29/2015\] - [Laravel Collective]( - Maintainers of components removed from core Laravel framework, including annotations, remote (SSH), and forms/HTML. - [Packagist]( - Official directory of Laravel (and other Composer-installable) packages. - [Packalyst]( - Directory of Laravel packages (semi-official). - [Packanalyst]( - Search engine and source-code browser for any PHP class, interface, or trait in [Packagist]( - [Spatie]( - A large collection of Laravel specific quality packages made by Spatie. ### Admin Tools/Panels - [Backpack for Laravel]( - Set of modular packages for building admin interfaces for Laravel based on [Admin LTE]( \[10/01/2016\] - [Laralum]( - Simple admin panel with database CRUD support and built-in support for Laravel Auth. \[09/06/2016\] - [Laravel Admin]( - Provides a new Artisan `admin` command set for generation and management of administration routes, controllers, views, and configuration. \[08/30/2016\] - [Laravel Admin Panel]( - Laravel tool for managing users, roles, permissions, and CRUD generation. \[04/12/2016\] - [Laravel Admin Starter]( - Minimalist admin panel for managing users, roles, and permissions. - [Laravel Administrator]( - An administrative interface builder for Laravel that allows you to visually manage your Eloquent models and their relations and create stand-alone settings pages for storing site data and performing site tasks. - [Laravel Totem]( - A nice dashboard for managing Laravel scheduler tasks. \[08/25/2017\] - [Orchid]( - A package for Laravel which helps with the administration of the application on Laravel, allowing you to write code as you want, control of routing/themes/plugins/etc - none of this and will not be! The package only gives a good set of tools that will be in demand in almost every project. \[07/13/2017\] - [UserFrosting]( - A web framework and fully implemented user management application that uses Laravel's ORM and cache components. The Sprinkle system allows you to easily and cleanly extend the core codebase with the custom features that your application requires. - [Voyager]( - Comprehensive Laravel admin package with support for CRUD administration of database, menu editor, media manager and more. \[11/01/2016\] ### Algorithms/Data Structures - [Laravel NestedSet]( - An implementation of a tree data structure in a relational database. \[03/16/2017\] - [HashIDs]( - Laravel wrapper for the [HashIDs]( tool to generate short, unique hashes for any integer (e.g., surrogate key ID). ### Authentication/Security - [Acacha Laravel Social]( - OAuth Social Login/Register implementation with Github, Facebook, Google, Twitter... using Laravel Socialite and (optionally) [AdminLTE Laravel package]( . \[23/02/2017\] - [Active Directory LDAP Authentication]( - LDAP authentication package for Active Directory. \[07/27/2015\] - [Botscout protection]( - Block malicious scripts using protection for your laravel app. \[03/03/2017\] - [Bouncer]( - Powerful package for handling roles and abilities in the Laravel [ACL]( \[07/27/2016\] - [Captcha]( - An anti-bot image captcha system written by Frederick Brennan and ported to Laravel for Infinity Next by Joshua Moon. - [Captcha]( - Captcha for Laravel 5 - An anti-bot image captcha system. - [Confide]( - An authentication solution for Laravel with features like account creation, login, logout, confirmation by e-mail, password reset, etc. - [Dingo]( - Laravel package/API for using [JWT Authentication]( \[11/06/2015\] - [EasyAdmin]( - An advanced Laravel login and user management package with support for [two-factor authentication]( \[03/26/2016\] - [Eloquent OAuth]( - Easy-to-use package for [OAuth]( authentication in Laravel 4. - [jwt-auth]( - [JSON Web Token]( authentication package for Laravel. \[06/11/2015\] - [Laravel ACL]( - Lightweight role-based permissions system for Laravel 5's built-in Auth system. \[06/15/2016\] - [Laravel Impersonate]( - A package to authenticate as one of your users. [03/08/2016] - [Laravel Password Exposed Validation Rule]( - Adds validation rule to Laravel to check if user password has been compromised in data breach. \[06/25/2018\] – [Laravel 5 Very Basic Auth]( – HTTP Basic Authentication without the need for a database \[09/07/2017\] - [LDAP-Auth]( - Very basic read-only LDAP authentication driver for Laravel 5.1+. \[11/23/2015\] - [Libsodium for Laravel]( - Laravel package wrapper for the [libsodium]( library which allows it to be a drop-in replacement for the Laravel native [encryption]( and [hashing]( classes/services. \[09/14/2015\] - [OAuth-4-Laravel]( - Laravel package wrapper for [PHPoAuthLib]( with support for OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 providers. - [OAuth-5-Laravel]( - Laravel **5.x** package wrapper for [PHPoAuthLib]( with support for OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 providers. \[07/20/2015\] - [PropAuth]( - Package that supports property-based security policy evaluation. See tutorial [here]( \[01/04/2015\] - [Purifier]( - HTMLPurifier for Laravel 5 - HTML filter - [ReplayPHP Auth]( - Enhancements to the Laravel 5 Auth module. \[11/07/2016\] - [Roles]( - Powerful package for handling roles and permissions in Laravel. \[07/16/2015\] - [Sentinel]( - Fully-featured, framework-agnostic (works great with Laravel!) authentication and authorization system. (Successor to [Cartalyst]('s [Sentry](https://gith