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odyssey wpf Ribbon 很不错的例子 有源码
- New attached properties odc:ImageRenderOptions.LargeImageScalingMode and odc:ImageRenderOptions.SmallImageScalingMode: Specify render options for either LargeImages or SmallImages. These properties are inheritable, so any child inherits the attached value from it's parent. For instance. you can set <odc:RibbonBar odc:ImageRenderOptions.LargeImageScalingMode="Fant" .. > to apply this option to all controls inside. - fixed bug in RibbonWindow: MeasureOverride is required to adjust the correct size, otherwhise controls inside the window do not correctly measure the size. For instance, adding a <Grid> to a RibbonWindow caused any row with RowDefinition.Height="*" to appear with a gap. - modified OdcExpander to show a vertical scrollbar when it is inside a control which does not allow it's height to be infinite. - modified OdcExdpander to correctly measure the available width. ínstead of an infinite width. this has caused controls inside an expander for instance not to enable word wrap. - RibbonBar: switiching Visibility property of a RibbonTabItem now causes the RibbonBar to render again and ensure that only a visible TabItem is set as SelectedTabItem. - added new RoutedEventHandler SelectedTabChanged. -added style and theme for TreeViewItem and ListViewItem to appear in the chosen skin. - TreeViewItems are animated while expanding/collapsing. -changed duration for animations in BreadcrumbBar to smaller duration that is more eye friendly. - new dependency property BreadcrumbBar.PathBinding: This property is supposed to be used to bind a path to the breadcrumb instead of using BreadcrumbBar.Path for binding. Since this value can be changed manually, the bindig would get lost. - new OdcTextBox control: A Textbox with optional inline buttons on the right and a style equal to the BreadcrumbBar. - new ImageButton control: A Button control with Image property of type ImageSource to render a 16x16 button, intendet do be used with BreadcrumbBar or OdcTextBox. - improved handling of popups: nested popups are no longer accidenty closed. This is archived by deriving RibbonDropDownButton from MenuBase insed of MenuItem as well as a modified handling for closing a Popup. -new Controls: SelectableTreeView and SelectableTreeViewItem. SelectableTreevVewItem adds a Click event and Command to a TreeViewItem as well as a IsPressed property. - the overlay button of the application menu is now a Rectangle with a VisualBrush that renderes the original (orb) application menu button. It is now inside a Canvas and code changes the Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top properties to be exactly over the original application menu button. - the blur effect of the outer elipse of the orb button caused the clone image not to be exact shape, so I removed the blur effect. - binding to controls that are on a RibbonTab that was not the initial visible RibbonTab did not execute, so added ApplyTemplate() on EndInit() to make this work. - RibbonBar is now derived from Selector instead of Control. - RibbonTab is now derived from ItemsControl instead of Control. - Optimized Disabled style: Images are now rendered in grayscale by Odyssey.Effects.Grayscale, and the text is also translucent. - Commands for RibbonDropDownbutton and RibbonSplitButton now recognize Command.CanExecute. - Improved positioning of window title in ribbon. - RibbonBar.Title property has been removed, since the xaml now uses Window.Title to present the window title. - New RibbonToolTip control
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