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建立状态 Box2D Box2D是用于游戏的2D物理引擎。 贡献 请不要提交具有新功能或核心库更改的拉取请求。 相反,请先提出问题进行讨论。 对于错误,我希望详细的错误报告胜于请求请求。 特征 碰撞 连续碰撞检测 联系人回调:开始,结束,预解决,后解决 凸多边形和圆形 每个身体多种形状 一键式接触歧管 动态树宽相 高效的配对管理 快速的Broadphase AABB查询 碰撞组和类别 物理 具有时间求解器的连续物理 持久的身体关节接触图 孤岛解决方案和睡眠管理 接触,摩擦和恢复原状 线性时间求解器可稳定堆叠 旋转,棱柱形,距离,皮带轮,齿轮,鼠标关节和其他关节类型 关节极限,电机和摩擦 动量解耦位置校正 相当精确的反作用力/脉冲 系统 小块和堆栈分配器 集中调整参数 高度可移植的C ++,无需使用STL容器 试验台 带有GLFW的OpenGL 使用imgui的图形用户界面 可扩展的测试
![Box2D Logo]( # Build Status [![Build Status](]( # Box2D Box2D is a 2D physics engine for games. ## Contributing Please do not submit pull requests with new features or core library changes. Instead, please file an issue first for discussion. For bugs, I prefer detailed bug reports over pull requests. ## Features ### Collision - Continuous collision detection - Contact callbacks: begin, end, pre-solve, post-solve - Convex polygons and circles - Multiple shapes per body - One-shot contact manifolds - Dynamic tree broadphase - Efficient pair management - Fast broadphase AABB queries - Collision groups and categories ### Physics - Continuous physics with time of impact solver - Persistent body-joint-contact graph - Island solution and sleep management - Contact, friction, and restitution - Stable stacking with a linear-time solver - Revolute, prismatic, distance, pulley, gear, mouse joint, and other joint types - Joint limits, motors, and friction - Momentum decoupled position correction - Fairly accurate reaction forces/impulses ### System - Small block and stack allocators - Centralized tuning parameters - Highly portable C++ with no use of STL containers ### Testbed - OpenGL with GLFW - Graphical user interface with imgui - Extensible test framework - Support for loading world dumps ## Building - Install [CMake]( - Ensure CMake is in the user `PATH` - Visual Studio: run `build.bat` from the command prompt - Otherwise: run `` from a bash shell - Results are in the build sub-folder - On Windows you can open box2d.sln ## Building Box2D - Using vcpkg You can download and install Box2D using the [vcpkg]( dependency manager: - git clone - cd vcpkg - ./ - ./vcpkg integrate install - ./vcpkg install box2d The Box2D port in vcpkg is kept up to date by Microsoft team members and community contributors. If the version is out of date, please [create an issue or pull request]( on the vcpkg repository. Note: vcpkg support is not provided by the Box2D project ## Building for Xcode - Install [CMake]( - Add Cmake to the path in .zprofile (the default Terminal shell is zsh) - export PATH="/Applications/$PATH" - mkdir build - cd build - cmake -G Xcode .. - open box2d.xcodeproj - Select the testbed scheme - Edit the scheme to set a custom working directory, make this be in box2d/testbed - You can now build and run the testbed ## Installing using CMake You can use the CMake install feature to deploy the library to a central location that can be accessed using: ``` find_package(box2d REQUIRED) target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE box2d) ``` You can build and install the library and docs using this command sequence (requires Doxygen): ``` mkdir build cd build cmake -DBOX2D_BUILD_DOCS=ON .. cmake --build . cmake --build . --target INSTALL ``` On Windows this tries to install in `Program Files` and thus requires admin privileges. Alternatively you can target another directory using something like this: ``` mkdir build cd build cmake -DBOX2D_BUILD_DOCS=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="C:/packages" .. cmake --build . cmake --build . --target INSTALL ``` ## Documentation - [Manual]( - [reddit]( - [Discord]( ## License Box2D is developed by Erin Catto, and uses the [MIT license]( ## Sponsorship Support development of Box2D through [Github Sponsors](
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