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vA3C 项目自述 将我读作将我读作 » << 你在这里 概念 aVA3C 项目旨在帮助特定类型的用户实现相当具体的目标 项目 第一个 vA3C 项目是努力读取和显示数据: OpenStudio 是一个跨平台(Windows、Mac 和 Linux)软件工具集合,支持使用 EnergyPlus 的整个建筑能源建模和使用 Radiance 的高级日光分析。 OpenStudio 是一个开源项目,旨在促进社区开发、扩展和私营部门的采用。 OpenStudio 包括图形界面和软件开发工具包 (SDK)。 vA3C OSM 数据查看器 2015-03-01 ~ 添加项目 使命 读取并以 3D 方式显示 Open Studio OSM 文件中包含的数据 用于 Open Studio 的 vA3C 数据重放 使命 重放热增益模拟
OSM Data Viewer Read Me === [OSM Data Viewer latest]( ) <a href= rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>OSM Data Viewer source code</a> ## Concept ### Mission Read and display in 3D the data contained in Open Studio OSM files ### Vision Make the data contained in OSM files available to a larger audience in a greater variety of ways * Including on tablets and phones ## Current Status The code currently just reads surface data. Hopefully, each new release will add further parameters. There is no intermediate format. The script reads the vertices in the OSM file and directly creates meshes and assigns data to the mesh's userData area. The script uses three files: * osm-data-viewer.html * A typical Three.js file * Adds the ability to open and read OSM files and create Three.js geometry * Works as a standalone or within an iframe * osm-data-viewer-hackette.html * Creates the user-interface * loads osm-data-viewer.html in an iframe * * Source code for user interface in Markdown format * Used by osm-data-viewer-hackette.html You will also note that there is no standard HTML area and no style sheets. It's 100% JavaScript (and Markdown). Yes, this is a very idiosyncratic way of writing code. On the other hand, the important bits are all in the main Three.js files. The user interface files are quite separate and may easily be replace by jQuery files or whatever. The idea, or the hope anyway, is to write code that's easy to read - code that you can use to write scripts in your style. ## Issues /Bugs * Subsurface edges helpers not coplanar with subsurface * Code currently has many items commented out / needs a clean-up * Setting/'hamburger' button do not initiate menu slide on Android * Selected surfaces do not de-highlight properly * IE: surfaces do not have assigned colors ### Road Map * Add first person camera * Add exploded view * Add terrain viewer * Add real-time updates: changes to OSM can be viewed in real-time ### Change Log 2015-03-10 ~ Theo * Helpers to sub-surfaces now line up with parent sub-surface * Still have not figured out what happens to the attic roof! 2015-03-05 ~ Theo * Add version and space parameters * Add the beginning of a translate on axis feature so that subsurfaces sit just a bit proud of the underlying surface * Face normals helpers were added * Helpers show that normals seem to consistently face the outside of the model * Views are beginning to look quite bizarre with all the helpers * Will clean up eventually, but makes things fun to look at for now 2015-03-02 ~ Theo * Opacity and camera cut-off update while you move slider ( onmousemove instead of onchange ). This can cause issues. Please monitor. * Adds save model to JSON 4 capability. * Note: Open File button currently only reads OSM files. Open JSON files TBD! * In meantime, see [vA3C Cookbook]( ) or [Three.js Editor]( ) < remember to add lights * Partial fix to Outside Boundary Condition * Add read OS Site parameters * Started adding sub surfaces 2015-03-01 ~ Theo * R2