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DOS / 32 Advanced DOS Extender是DOS / 4GW DOS Extender及其兼容版本的替代产品。 快速,小型和灵活的DOS / 32A可以在许多环境中使用,从嵌入式系统到DOS仿真器,无论是开发人员还是最终用户都可以使用。
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[2005-05-19] DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender, version 7.35 Manum de tabula! Contents: 1.0 - Synopsis 2.0 - What's New? 3.0 - System Requirements 4.0 - Distros Available 5.0 - Release Notes 6.0 - Contact 1.0 - Synopsis ============== DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender is a drop-in replacement for the DOS/4GW DOS Extender and compatibles. Being fast, small and flexible DOS/32A can be used in many environments, from embedded systems to DOS emulators, by both developers and end users alike. 2.0 - What's New? ================= See updates.txt file (included with this distribution) for the list of recent changes. 3.0 - System Requirements ========================= . IBM PC compatible hardware . 80386 processor or better . 1 MB of memory (up to 2Gig supported) . DOS version 4.0 or higher . VGA compatible graphics card 4.0 - Distros Available ======================= The following DOS/32A distributions are available: 1) 2) 3) 1) contains the original "Liberty Edition" of DOS/32A version 7.1 . It is the baseline for all the subsequent releases and includes an installable version the DOS Extender. 2) is the source distribution of the most recent version of DOS/32A, it contains the source code of the DOS Extender and its tools. 3) is the binary distribution containing precompiled binaries of the DOS Extender and its tools. DEVELOPERS: ----------- Download all three distributions, install first, then upgrade by unzipping and into DOS/32A installation folder overwriting existing files. END-USERS: ---------- Download the binary distribution,, unzip into a folder of your choice and you are good to go (no installation is required). A rather comprehensive (but regrettably outdated) set of documentation manuals is available on-line at . RTFM! 5.0 - Release Notes (and other useless trivia) ============================================== I. DOS32A.EXE is uncompressed; do not compare its size to pmodew, wdosx, cw et al which *are*. This is on purpose: if storage space is scarce (eg when putting it into ROM or Flash memory) use your favorite exec compressor or write a custom one. UPX works well shaving off circa 10K. Beware: you won't be able to use SS.EXE config utility once DOS32A is compressed. II. StarWars came out today: it was very loud, slightly out of focus and most surprisingly entartaining. The "fear-hate-suffering" rhetoric is still there but most of ridiculousness is now replaced with non-stop action rendered in breathtaking CG. See this in theater (unless you're a student, unemployed or just generally strapped for cash, in which case BitTorrent is your friend). III. To address whining about DOS/32A not being able to cope with >256MB under various ad hoc implementations of VCPI: a) learn to code, b) RTFM, it's all in there. 6.0 - Contact ============= WWW: Email: narechk AT hotmail DOT com [EOF]