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电子教程 ##让我们用qiita电子做一个应用
[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/isaacs/node-glob.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/isaacs/node-glob/) [![Dependency Status](https://david-dm.org/isaacs/node-glob.svg)](https://david-dm.org/isaacs/node-glob) [![devDependency Status](https://david-dm.org/isaacs/node-glob/dev-status.svg)](https://david-dm.org/isaacs/node-glob#info=devDependencies) [![optionalDependency Status](https://david-dm.org/isaacs/node-glob/optional-status.svg)](https://david-dm.org/isaacs/node-glob#info=optionalDependencies) # Glob Match files using the patterns the shell uses, like stars and stuff. This is a glob implementation in JavaScript. It uses the `minimatch` library to do its matching. ![](oh-my-glob.gif) ## Usage ```javascript var glob = require("glob") // options is optional glob("**/*.js", options, function (er, files) { // files is an array of filenames. // If the `nonull` option is set, and nothing // was found, then files is ["**/*.js"] // er is an error object or null. }) ``` ## Glob Primer "Globs" are the patterns you type when you do stuff like `ls *.js` on the command line, or put `build/*` in a `.gitignore` file. Before parsing the path part patterns, braced sections are expanded into a set. Braced sections start with `{` and end with `}`, with any number of comma-delimited sections within. Braced sections may contain slash characters, so `a{/b/c,bcd}` would expand into `a/b/c` and `abcd`. The following characters have special magic meaning when used in a path portion: * `*` Matches 0 or more characters in a single path portion * `?` Matches 1 character * `[...]` Matches a range of characters, similar to a RegExp range. If the first character of the range is `!` or `^` then it matches any character not in the range. * `!(pattern|pattern|pattern)` Matches anything that does not match any of the patterns provided. * `?(pattern|pattern|pattern)` Matches zero or one occurrence of the patterns provided. * `+(pattern|pattern|pattern)` Matches one or more occurrences of the patterns provided. * `*(a|b|c)` Matches zero or more occurrences of the patterns provided * `@(pattern|pat*|pat?erN)` Matches exactly one of the patterns provided * `**` If a "globstar" is alone in a path portion, then it matches zero or more directories and subdirectories searching for matches. It does not crawl symlinked directories. ### Dots If a file or directory path portion has a `.` as the first character, then it will not match any glob pattern unless that pattern's corresponding path part also has a `.` as its first character. For example, the pattern `a/.*/c` would match the file at `a/.b/c`. However the pattern `a/*/c` would not, because `*` does not start with a dot character. You can make glob treat dots as normal characters by setting `dot:true` in the options. ### Basename Matching If you set `matchBase:true` in the options, and the pattern has no slashes in it, then it will seek for any file anywhere in the tree with a matching basename. For example, `*.js` would match `test/simple/basic.js`. ### Negation The intent for negation would be for a pattern starting with `!` to match everything that *doesn't* match the supplied pattern. However, the implementation is weird, and for the time being, this should be avoided. The behavior is deprecated in version 5, and will be removed entirely in version 6. ### Empty Sets If no matching files are found, then an empty array is returned. This differs from the shell, where the pattern itself is returned. For example: $ echo a*s*d*f a*s*d*f To get the bash-style behavior, set the `nonull:true` in the options. ### See Also: * `man sh` * `man bash` (Search for "Pattern Matching") * `man 3 fnmatch` * `man 5 gitignore` * [minimatch documentation](https://github.com/isaacs/minimatch) ## glob.hasMagic(pattern, [options]) Returns `true` if there are any special characters in the pattern, and `false` otherwise. Note that the options affect the results. If `noext:true` is set in the options object, then `+(a|b)` will not be considered a magic pattern. If the pattern has a brace expansion, like `a/{b/c,x/y}` then that is considered magical, unless `nobrace:true` is set in the options. ## glob(pattern, [options], cb) * `pattern` {String} Pattern to be matched * `options` {Object} * `cb` {Function} * `err` {Error | null} * `matches` {Array<String>} filenames found matching the pattern Perform an asynchronous glob search. ## glob.sync(pattern, [options]) * `pattern` {String} Pattern to be matched * `options` {Object} * return: {Array<String>} filenames found matching the pattern Perform a synchronous glob search. ## Class: glob.Glob Create a Glob object by instantiating the `glob.Glob` class. ```javascript var Glob = require("glob").Glob var mg = new Glob(pattern, options, cb) ``` It's an EventEmitter, and starts walking the filesystem to find matches immediately. ### new glob.Glob(pattern, [options], [cb]) * `pattern` {String} pattern to search for * `options` {Object} * `cb` {Function} Called when an error occurs, or matches are found * `err` {Error | null} * `matches` {Array<String>} filenames found matching the pattern Note that if the `sync` flag is set in the options, then matches will be immediately available on the `g.found` member. ### Properties * `minimatch` The minimatch object that the glob uses. * `options` The options object passed in. * `aborted` Boolean which is set to true when calling `abort()`. There is no way at this time to continue a glob search after aborting, but you can re-use the statCache to avoid having to duplicate syscalls. * `cache` Convenience object. Each field has the following possible values: * `false` - Path does not exist * `true` - Path exists * `'DIR'` - Path exists, and is not a directory * `'FILE'` - Path exists, and is a directory * `[file, entries, ...]` - Path exists, is a directory, and the array value is the results of `fs.readdir` * `statCache` Cache of `fs.stat` results, to prevent statting the same path multiple times. * `symlinks` A record of which paths are symbolic links, which is relevant in resolving `**` patterns. * `realpathCache` An optional object which is passed to `fs.realpath` to minimize unnecessary syscalls. It is stored on the instantiated Glob object, and may be re-used. ### Events * `end` When the matching is finished, this is emitted with all the matches found. If the `nonull` option is set, and no match was found, then the `matches` list contains the original pattern. The matches are sorted, unless the `nosort` flag is set. * `match` Every time a match is found, this is emitted with the matched. * `error` Emitted when an unexpected error is encountered, or whenever any fs error occurs if `options.strict` is set. * `abort` When `abort()` is called, this event is raised. ### Methods * `pause` Temporarily stop the search * `resume` Resume the search * `abort` Stop the search forever ### Options All the options that can be passed to Minimatch can also be passed to Glob to change pattern matching behavior. Also, some have been added, or have glob-specific ramifications. All options are false by default, unless otherwise noted. All options are added to the Glob object, as well. If you are running many `glob` operations, you can pass a Glob object as the `options` argument to a subsequent operation to shortcut some `stat` and `readdir` calls. At the very least, you may pass in shared `symlinks`, `statCache`, `realpathCache`, and `cache` options, so that parallel glob operations will be sped up by sharing information about the filesystem. * `cwd` The current working directory in which to search. Defaults to `process.cwd()`. * `root` The place where patterns starting with `/` will be mounted onto. Defaults to `path.resolve(options.cwd, "/")` (`/` on Unix systems, and `C:\` or some such on Windows.) * `dot` Include `.dot` files in
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