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吉拉比 基于Scrapy,Scrapyd,Scrapyd-Client,Scrapyd-API,Django和Vue.js的分布式爬虫管理框架。 文献资料 可从和在线获取文档。 支持 Gerapy是基于Python 3.x开发的。 稍后可能会支持Python2.x。 用法 通过pip安装Gerapy: pip3 install gerapy 安装之后,您需要执行以下操作来运行Gerapy服务器: 如果成功安装了Gerapy,则可以使用命令gerapy 。 如果没有,请检查安装。 首先使用此命令初始化工作空间: gerapy init 现在,您将获得一个名为gerapy的文件夹。
# Gerapy ![Build]( ![Read the Docs]( ![PyPI - Python Version]( [![GitHub stars](]( ![PyPI - Downloads]( ![Docker Pulls]( ![PyPI - License]( Distributed Crawler Management Framework Based on Scrapy, Scrapyd, Scrapyd-Client, Scrapyd-API, Django and Vue.js. ## Documentation Documentation is available online at []( and []( ## Support Gerapy is developed based on Python 3.x. Python 2.x may be supported later. ## Usage Install Gerapy by pip: ```bash pip3 install gerapy ``` After the installation, you need to do these things below to run Gerapy server: If you have installed Gerapy successfully, you can use command `gerapy`. If not, check the installation. First use this command to initialize the workspace: ```bash gerapy init ``` Now you will get a folder named `gerapy`. Also you can specify the name of your workspace by this command: ``` gerapy init <workspace> ``` Then `cd` to this folder, and run this command to initialize the Database: ```bash cd gerapy gerapy migrate ``` Next you need to create a superuser by this command: ``` gerapy createsuperuser ``` Then you can runserver by this command: ```bash gerapy runserver ``` Then you can visit [http://localhost:8000](http://localhost:8000) to enjoy it. Also you can vist [http://localhost:8000/admin](http://localhost:8000/admin) to get the admin management backend. If you want to run Gerapy in public, just run like this: ``` gerapy runserver ``` Then it will run with public host and port 8000. In Gerapy, You can create a configurable project and then configure and generate code of Scrapy automatically. But this module is unstable, we're trying to refine it. Also you can drag your Scrapy Project to `projects` folder. Then refresh web, it will appear in the Project Index Page and comes to un-configurable, but you can edit this project through the web page. As for deployment, you can move to Deploy Page. Firstly you need to build your project and add client in the Client Index Page, then you can deploy the project just by clicking button. After the deployment, you can manage the job in Monitor Page. ## Docker Just run this command: ``` docker run -d -v ~/gerapy:/app/gerapy -p 8000:8000 germey/gerapy ``` Then it will run at port 8000. You can use the temp admin account (username: admin, password: admin) to login. And please change the password later for safety. Command Usage: ``` docker run -d -v <workspace>:/app/gerapy -p <public_port>:<container_port> germey/gerapy ``` Please specify your workspace to mount Gerapy workspace by `-v <workspace>:/app/gerapy` and specify server port by `-p <public_port>:<container_port>`. If you run Gerapy by Docker, you can visit Gerapy website such as [http://localhost:8000](http://localhost:8000) and enjoy it, no need to do other initialzation things. ## TodoList - [x] Add Visual Configuration of Spider with Previewing Website - [x] Add Scrapyd Auth Management - [x] Add Gerapy Auth Management - [x] Add Timed Task Scheduler - [ ] Add Visual Configuration of Scrapy - [ ] Add Intelligent Analysis of Web Page ## Communication If you have any questions or ideas, you can send [Issues]( or [Pull Requests](, your suggestions are really import for us, thanks for your contirbution.