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matlab图像相嵌代码适用于Apache Kafka的MATLAB接口 适用于ApacheKafka:registered:的MATLAB:registered:接口。 该软件包提供了用于MATLAB,Simulink和Embedded Coder的Kafka客户端。 Kafka:registered:用于构建实时数据管道和流应用程序。 它是水平可伸缩的,容错的,快速的并且被广泛使用。 要求 需要MATLAB版本R2018a或更高版本。 使用Kafka Client块时还需要Simulink。 目前仅Windows和Linux支持该软件包。 嵌入式编码器解决方案仅在Linux上受支持。 MathWorks产品() 的MATLAB [可选] Simulink [可选] MATLAB Coder [可选] Simulink编码器 [可选]嵌入式编码器 第三方产品 用于构建mex函数和S函数。 符合您的平台的AC / C ++编译器。 ,版本1.0或更高版本 如librdkafka的安装中所声明的其他一些库。 [可选] JSON库(如果您正在使用Simulink JSON-Converter)。 介绍 是一个社区分布式事件流平台,能够每天处理数万亿个事件
# MATLAB Interface *for Apache Kafka* MATLAB® interface for Apache Kafka®. This package provides Kafka clients for MATLAB, Simulink and Embedded Coder. Kafka® is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, fast and widely used. ## Requirements Requires MATLAB release R2018a or later. Also requires Simulink when using the Kafka Client blocks. The package is currently only supported for Windows and Linux. The Embedded Coder solution is only supported on Linux. ### MathWorks Products ( * MATLAB * [Optional] Simulink * [Optional] MATLAB Coder * [Optional] Simulink Coder * [Optional] Embedded Coder ### 3rd Party Products For building the mex functions and S-functions. * A C/C++ compiler for your platform, in accordance with [MATLAB supported compilers]( * [librdkafka](, version 1.0 or higher * Some other libraries, as declared in the installation of librdkafka. * [Optional] [jansson]( JSON library, if you're using the Simulink JSON-Converter. ## Introduction [Apache Kafka®]( is a community distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day. Initially conceived as a messaging queue, Kafka is based on an abstraction of a distributed commit log. Since being created and open sourced by LinkedIn in 2011, Kafka has quickly evolved from messaging queue to a full-fledged event streaming platform. This project contains C/C++-based Kafka Clients, producers and consumers, for both MATLAB and Simulink. In Simulink, code generation with Embedded Coder is also supported. The usage in MATLAB is for prototyping, and if you want to use it in a production system, we recommend compiling your code for *MATLAB Production Server*. For usage in Simulink, this is also prototyping. Generate C code using Embedded Coder to use in a production environment. ## Installation First install *librdkafka*, and optionally *jansson*, see [the documentation](Documentation/ To install the MATLAB part, just do ```matlab cd Software/MATLAB startup ``` This will add the needed paths. If you want them to be saved for future sessions, run ```matlab savepath ``` You will need to compile the Mex function and optionally the S-functions. This is done with the two commands: ```matlab kafka_build_mex kafka_build_sfuns ``` If you intend to generate dockerfiles too, you need to build the base images before you can build from these dockerfiles. To build the base images, run ```matlab kafka_build_dockerfiles ``` For help refer to [the documentation](Documentation/ ## Usage ### MATLAB Kafka Producer Using the Kafka producer is straightforward. ```matlab P = kafka.Producer('<mybroker>', '<mytopic>'); P.publish('mykey', 'my message'); ``` The same producer can, and should be used for sending several messages to the same topic. The key and message arguments should be in a form that can automatically be converted to ```int8```. If you have a structure, you should first convert it to JSON. ```matlab >> S = struct('item', '3422', 'value', [3,4,5]) S = struct with fields: item: '3422' value: [3 4 5] >> jsstr = jsonencode(S) jsstr = '{"item":"3422","value":[3,4,5]}' ``` The Kafka consumer is similar. ```matlab C = kafka.Consumer(brokers, topic, group); [key, val, errMsg] = C.consume(timeoutMillis); ``` Please see the [documentation](Documentation/ for more information. ### Simulink blocks The current version contains 3 blocks for Kafka communication. A consumer block, a producer block, and a very simple block to convert flat JSON structures. The Kafka functionality works both for simulation and code generation. Read more in the [corresponding documentation ](Documentation/ ### Embedded Coder This repository also contains an Embedded Coder target for use with Kafka. It will generate code from the Simulink model and the Kafka blocks. This code can also be dockerized, with the use of a Dockerfile that is generated with the code. Read more in the [corresponding documentation](Documentation/ ## Documentation See [documentation](Documentation/ for more information. ## License The license for the MATLAB Interface *for Apache Kafka* is available in the []( file in this GitHub repository. This package uses certain third-party content which is licensed under separate license agreements. See the 3rd party packages for the respective license details. ## Enhancement Request Provide suggestions for additional features or capabilities using the following link: ## Support Email: ``
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