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React(v16.8.0 +),打字稿,Yarn和Lerna Monorepo Typescript的起点,React(v16.8.0 +,已测试到v16.13.1 ),Yarn&Lerna monorepo项目,并为ESLint和Prettier进行了完整设置。 叠放 该项目使用初始化,包括: 打字稿 React(v16.8.0 +,已测试至v16.13.1 ) react-scripts(react-scripts v3 +,经过createReactApp测试达到v3.4.0 ) React测试库(不是酶) 纱线工作区(多包体系结构) Lerna(用于管理monorepo软
# React (v16.8.0+), Typescript, Yarn & Lerna Monorepo Starting point for a Typescript, React (v16.8.0+, *tested up to v16.13.1*), Yarn & Lerna monorepo project with full setup for ESLint and Prettier. ## Stack This project is initialized with [Create React App]( consisting of: - TypeScript - React (v16.8.0+, *tested up to v16.13.1*) - react-scripts (react-scripts v3+, *tested up to v3.4.0*, from createReactApp) - react-testing-library (not Enzyme) - Yarn Workspaces (multiple packages architecture) - Lerna (tool for managing the monorepo packages) - SASS/SCSS - ESLint (instead of deprecated TSLint) - Prettier ### Content The project now consists of 3 packages. - **www**: create-react-app with TypeScript (react v16.13.1+, react-scripts v3.4.0) - **shared**: react components with TypeScript (react v16.13.1+) - **utils**: shared functions with TypeScript ## Get Started ### Make sure you run Node.js v10.15+ To install check ([Node.js installation]( or [Node Version Manager installation]( ### Clone or copy this repo ```bash curl -L | tar zx mv react-typescript-eslint-prettier-boilerplate APP_NAME cd APP_NAME ``` or ```bash git clone APP_NAME cd APP_NAME ``` ### `yarn install` Note: this project is initialized with Yarn. ### Adding / removing packages To add a new package create a new folder in under `packages` and copy the<br> `.eslint.json`, `package.json`, `tsconfig.json` from another similar project in here.<br> After that you can setup your project how you like it. (you can also extend the custom scripts from the main `package.json`<br> or already include in as dependency for another package). After changing the packages run `yarn clean:update` to clean & reinit the workspaces. After changing the external libraries or peerDependencies it is good to clean the repo<br> by removing the node_modules folder `rm -rf node_modules` and reinstalling `yarn install`. And after that run `yarn clean:update` to clean & reinit the workspaces. ## Development Scripts In the project directory, you can run: ### `yarn start` Runs the app in the development mode.<br> Open [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) to view it in the browser. The page will reload if you make edits.<br> You will also see any lint errors in the console. ### `yarn typecheck` Launches the typescript check for code to check for TypeScript compilation errors or warnings. ### `yarn lint` Launches the linter for code to check for code layout errors or warnings. ### `yarn lint:fix` Launches the linter for code to check for code layout errors or warnings, and fixes the ones that can be fixed automatically. ### `yarn test` Launches the test runner in the interactive watch mode.<br> See the section about [running tests]( for more information. ## Production Scripts ### `yarn build` Builds the app for production to the build folder.<br> It correctly bundles React in production mode and optimizes the build for the best performance. The build is minified and the filenames include the hashes.<br> Your app is ready to be deployed! See the section about [deployment]( for more information. ## Learn More You can learn more in the [Create React App documentation]( To learn React, check out the [React documentation](
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