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Blockchain和Crytocurrency 资源
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# Blockchain-stuff Curated list of blockchain and general cryptocurrency resources # Table of Contents - [Bitcoin Books](#bitcoin) - [Blockchain Art](#blockchain-art) - [Blockchain Books](#blockchain-books) - [Courses](#courses) - [Documentaries](#documentaries) - [Ethereum and Smart Contracts](#ethereum-and-smart-contracts) - [Explorers](#explorers) - [Infographics](#infographics) - [Talks](#talks) - [White Papers](#white-papers) - [Youtube Channels](#youtube-channels) - [Assets](#assets) - [Private Blockchains](#private-blockchain) ### Blockchain Books * [Blockchain Explained: A Technology Guide to the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Fintech Revolution]( - R.J Simmons * [Blockchain Fast and Simple - What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters: Understand the basics, join the revolution]( - Pierro Martini * [Cryptocurrency Investment: How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies and Make Money in the Long-term]( - Tamas Torok * [Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World]( - Don and AlexTapscott * [Blockchain Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Bitcoin and How to Use Blockchain for Your Benefit]( - Phil Stein * [Blockchain The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Hidden Economy]( -s Oscar Flynt * [Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy]( - Melanie Swan * [Blockchain: Easiest Ultimate Guide To Understand Blockchain]( - Jared Norton * [Blockchain: Quick Start Guide to Understanding Blockchain, the Biggest Revolution in Financial Technology and Beyond Since the Internet]( - Seth Ramsey * [Blockchain: The Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Hidden Economy]( - Timothy Short * [Blockchain: The Essential Guide to Understanding the Blockchain Revolution]( - Jeff Reed * [Blockchain: The Future of Internet Innovation - Ideas, Applications and Uses for Blockchain Technology]( - Jerry Kershen * [Blockchain: The Simple Guide To Everything You Need To Know]( - Jacob William * [Bye Bye Banks?: How Retail Banks are Being Displaced, Diminished and Disintermediated by Tech Startups and What They Can Do to Survive]( - James Haycock * [Decentralized Applications: Harnessing Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology]( - Siraj Raval * [Financial Technology: This Book Bundle Includes FinTech and Blockchain]( - Jacob William * [How to Program a Block Chain Explorer with Python and Bitcoin]( - Alex Gorale * [The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology]( - William Mougayar * [The FinTech Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries]( - Susanne Chishti and Janos Barberis * [The Fourth Industrial Revolution]( - Prof Klaus Schwab * [The Science of the Blockchain]( - Roger Wattenhofer * [ValueWeb: How FinTech firms are using mobile and blockchain technologies to create the Internet of Value]( -Chris Skinner * [Building Ethereum ĐApps]( -Roberto Infante ### White papers * [A Fistful of Bitcoins: Characterizing Payments Among Men with No Names]( - University of San Diego California * [A brave new world? What impact will distributed ledger technology have on the financial industry?](
    • Python
    • python
      Python 这是用于大多数基本和简单python代码的示例模板的存储库。
    • Python
      Python项目 Python是一些简单的Python项目,它是一种解释性的高级通用编程语言,我愿意学习它为将来的许多项目做出贡献! 入门 您必须安装Python 3.9.2才能尝试这些项目。 这些项目来自各种书籍,您可以根据需要进行...
    • Python
      Python Dit是Mijn储存库van Python
    • python
      Python 基本的python编程
    • Python
      Python python和pyspark
    • python
    • python学习
      python学习 安装Python 我们转到Python页面进行初始下载:( )在为Mac OSX选择了最新版本(3.9.2)之后,我将其下载到了我的计算机上。 然后,我们搜索了“ Python入门”,并确认VS Code是适用于Python的可行代码...
    • Fluent Python
      This book was written for practicing Python programmers who want to become proficient in Python 3. If you know Python 2 but are willing to migrate to Python 3.4 or later, you should be fine. At the ...
    • Python
      Python 该存储库包含与Python编程研究相关的文档