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GOPL解决方案 Go编程语言中每项练习的解决方案。 许多练习都是基于书中的示例或较早的练习,并且我已根据需要复制了文件,因此每个练习都有一个单独的程序包。 如果我一直在想,我将一如既往地做出自己的承诺,那么使用git可以更轻松地了解我的起点。 既然如此,您将需要确定之前的示例或练习,并在5.6之后的练习中使用diff 。 有趣的练习 包装清单 :ex1.1打印命令行参数。 :ex1.2打印命令行索引和参数。 :ex1.3比较字符串连接技术。 ex1.4 :ex1.4打印在输入中出现多次的行数和文本。 ex1.5 :ex1.5生成带有随机绿色的调色板的Lissajous图形的GIF动画。 ex1.6 :ex1.6生成随机Lissajous图形的GIF动画,并在时间维度上应用了渐变。 ex1.7 :ex1.7将在每个指定URL处找到的内容流式传输到stdout。 ex1
# GOPL solutions Solutions to every exercise in The Go Programming Language. Many of the exercises are based on an example from the book or an earlier exercise, and I've copied files as needed so there's a separate package for each exercise. If I'd been thinking I would have committed as I went so that it's easier to use git to see what I started from. As it is you'll need to determine the predecessor example or exercise and use `diff` for exercises after 5.6. ## Interesting exercises * [complex root visualization using Newton's method](ex3.7/main.go) * [CSS-style selector for XML](ex7.17/main.go) * [RFC959-compliant FTP server](ex8.2/ftpd.go) * [du clone](ex8.9/main.go) * [web mirroring tool](ex8.10/mirror.go) * [chat server](ex8.15/chat.go) * [cancellable function memoization](ex9.3/memo.go) * [archive reader](ex10.2/arprint.go) * [go package ancestor tool](ex10.4/ancestors.go) * [generate random non-palindromes using a grammar](ex11.3/palindrome_test.go) ## Package list * [ex1.1](ex1.1): ex1.1 prints command line arguments. * [ex1.2](ex1.2): ex1.2 prints commandline indexes and arguments. * [ex1.3](ex1.3): ex1.3 compares string concatenation techniques. * [ex1.4](ex1.4): ex1.4 prints the count and text of lines that appear more than once in the input. * [ex1.5](ex1.5): ex1.5 generates GIF animations of random Lissajous figures, with a green-on-black palette. * [ex1.6](ex1.6): ex1.6 generates GIF animations of random Lissajous figures, with a gradient applied on the time dimension. * [ex1.7](ex1.7): ex1.7 streams the content found at each specified URL to stdout. * [ex1.8](ex1.8): ex1.8 streams the content found at each specified URL to stdout, and appends http:// to arguments as needed. * [ex1.9](ex1.9): ex1.9 streams the content found at each specified URL to stdout and prints the HTTP status code. * [ex1.10](ex1.10): ex1.10 fetches URLs in parallel and reports their times and sizes. * [ex1.12](ex1.12): ex1.6 generates GIF animations of random Lissajous figures, with a gradient applied on the time dimension and the number of cycles to display can be supplied in the url query string when running as a web server. * [ex2.1](ex2.1): ex2.1 performs Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin conversions. * [ex2.2](ex2.2): ex2.2 prints measumrents given on the command line or stdin in various units. * [ex2.3](ex2.3): ex2.3: compare popcount implementations: looping and single-expression bytewise table lookups. * [ex2.4](ex2.4): ex2.4: compare popcount implementations, including looping table lookups and shift value. * [ex2.5](ex2.5): ex2.4: compare popcount implementations, including clear rightmost. * [ex3.1](ex3.1): ex3.1 prints an svg image, ignoring non-finite vertexes. * [ex3.2](ex3.2): ex3.2 prints an SVG rendering of an eggbox or saddle. * [ex3.3](ex3.3): ex3.3 prints an svg image, coloring its vertices based on their height. * [ex3.4](ex3.4): ex3.4 serves SVG rendering of a 3-D surface function over http. * [ex3.5](ex3.5): ex3.5 emits a full-color PNG image of the Mandelbrot fractal. * [ex3.6](ex3.6): ex3.5 emits a supersampled image of the Mandelbrot fractal. * [ex3.7](ex3.7): ex3.7 visualizes how many iterations it takes to find complex roots of a quartic equation using Newton's method, using different colors for different roots. * [ex3.8](ex3.8): ex3.8 compares different numeric types when rendering fractals. * [ex3.9](ex3.9): ex3.9 serves images of fractals over http. * [ex3.10](ex3.10): ex3.10 inserts commas into integer strings given as command-line arguments, without using recursion. * [ex3.11](ex3.11): ex3.11 inserts commas into floating point strings with an optional sign, given as command-line arguments. * [ex3.12](ex3.12): ex3.12 determines if strings are anagrams of each other. * [ex3.13](ex3.13): ex3.13 is a short definition of byte unit constants. * [ex4.1](ex4.1): ex4.1 computes the number of bits different between two hashes. * [ex4.2](ex4.2): ex4.2 prints the SHA hash of stdin. * [ex4.3](ex4.3): ex4.3 reverses an array * [ex4.4](ex4.4): ex4.4 rotates a slice of ints by one position to the left. * [ex4.5](ex4.5): ex4.5 dedupes a slice of strings. * [ex4.6](ex4.6): ex4.6 reverses a utf8 string. * [ex4.7](ex4.7): ex4.7 reverses a utf8 string in-place. * [ex4.8](ex4.8): ex4.8 computes counts of Unicode characters. * [ex4.9](ex4.9): ex4.9 counts word frequency for stdin. * [ex4.10](ex4.10): ex4.10 prints a table of GitHub issues matching the search terms, organized by the past day, month, and year. * [ex4.11](ex4.11): Package github provides a Go API for the GitHub issue tracker. * [ex4.12](ex4.12): ex4.12 gets, indexes, and searches xkcd comic metadata. * [ex4.13](ex4.13): ex4.13 searches OMDB by title and downloads a movie poster. * [ex4.14](ex4.14): Package github provides a Go API for the GitHub issue tracker. * [ex5.1](ex5.1): ex5.1 prints the links in an HTML document read from standard input. * [ex5.2](ex5.2): ex5.2 counts the frequency of different tags in an html document on stdin. * [ex5.3](ex5.3): ex5.3 prints nonempty text tokens from an html document on stdin. * [ex5.4](ex5.4): ex5.4 prints the links in an HTML document read from standard input, including those for images, scripts, and style sheets. * [ex5.5](ex5.5): ex5.5 counts the number of words and images at a url. * [ex5.6](ex5.6): ex5.6 computes an SVG rendering of a 3-D surface function, using a bare return statement. * [ex5.7](ex5.7): ex5.7 pretty-prints html. * [ex5.8](ex5.8): ex5.8 finds an html element node by id attribute. * [ex5.9](ex5.9): ex5.9 expands shell-style variable references on stdin. * [ex5.10](ex5.10): ex5.10 sorts courses topologically based on hard-coded dependencies. * [ex5.11](ex5.11): ex5.11 reports on cycles in course dependencies. * [ex5.12](ex5.12): ex5.12 prints the outline of an HTML document tree. * [ex5.13](ex5.13): ex5.13 saves a local mirror of a website. * [ex5.14](ex5.14): ex5.14 prints a random course's prerequisites, recursively. * [ex5.15](ex5.15): ex5.15 explores variadic min and max functions. * [ex5.16](ex5.16): ex5.16 provides a variadic string-joining function. * [ex5.17](ex5.17): ex5.17 uses a variadic ElementsByTagName function to find html nodes. * [ex5.18](ex5.18): ex5.18 saves the contents of a URL to a local file. * [ex5.19](ex5.19): ex5.19 returns a non-zero value using panic and recover, contradicting the function signature. * [ex6.1](ex6.1): ex6.1 is a bit vector integer set. * [ex6.2](ex6.2): ex6.2 is a integer set with a variadic AddAll method. * [ex6.3](ex6.3): ex6.3 is a bit vector integer set with binary set operations. * [ex6.4](ex6.4): ex6.4 is an integer set with an Elems method. * [ex6.5](ex6.5): ex6.5 is a variable-word-size bit vector intset. * [ex7.1](ex7.1): ex7.1 provides line and word counters. * [ex7.2](ex7.2): ex7.2 wraps a writer to count written words. * [ex7.3](ex7.3): ex7.3 provides insertion sort using an unbalanced binary tree, and a String method to visualize the tree. * [ex7.4](ex7.4): ex7.4 provides a simple string reader. * [ex7.5](ex7.5): ex7.5 provides a LimitReader that reports EOF at a given offset. * [ex7.6](ex7.6): ex7.6 prints flag arguments for different temperature scales, including Kelvin. * [ex7.8](ex7.8): ex7.8 provides iterative columnar sorting for Persons. * [ex7.9](ex7.9): ex7.9 serves an html table with a stable column sort. * [ex7.10](ex7.10): ex7.10 uses sort.Interface to detect palindromes. * [ex7.11](ex7.11): ex7.11 adds CRUD http endpoints to a simple PriceDB server. * [ex7.12](ex7.12): ex7.12 convert's PriceDB list output to an html table. * [ex7.13](ex7.13): ex7.13 adds pretty-printing to an arithmetic expression parser. * [ex7.14](ex7.14): ex7.14 adds factorials to an arithmetic expression parser. * [ex7.15](ex7.15): ex7.15 evaluates an expression using given variable bindings. * [ex7.16](ex7.16): ex7.16 is a web-based calculator. * [ex7.17](ex7.17): ex7.17 provides CSS-style selectors for XML. * [ex7.18](ex7.18): ex7.18 parses XML into a tree of nodes, using the to
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