3D 游戏 引擎

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  • 2022-04-22 12:49
一个开源3D游戏引擎 画面渲染很牛逼动画管理还不是很完善你自己可以改造下 里面有好多技术范例
Changes in 1.8.1 (17.11.2013) - Improved OpenGL performance under OSX (Thanks devonsoft for reporting). - Fixed OSX compilation issues. - [KNOWN BUG] Software driver doesn't work properly under OSX 10.9. - For speed improvement the following attributes accessible by ISceneManager::getParameters() are no longer updated in release: "culled", "calls", "drawn_solid", "drawn_transparent", "drawn_transparent_effect". They can be enabled by compiling Irrlicht with the define _IRR_SCENEMANAGER_DEBUG. Thanks @hendu for reporting, see http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=48211 for the discussion. - Fix compile problem with CIrrDeviceSDL on VS2008 (and maybe other systems). Thanks @HellFlip for reporting. - Fix quaternion::rotationFromTo() (Thanks @takamoto for reporting) - Fix iszero for s64 (Thanks @chronologicaldot for reporting) - Fix crash in SoftwareDriver2 when Material was EMT_DETAIL_MAP but texture[1] was not set (Thanks for fix by chronologicaldot) - Fix buffer overrun in x-loader (Thanks for fix by Otaka) - Fix cursor visibility update problem under Windows 8 (Thanks @luthyr for reporting) - Fix irredit links in loadScene/saveScene docs. - Fix issue in CAnimatedMeshSceneNode::clone which caused a crash. (reported and fixed by luthyr) - Fix compiling errors for c++ builder (thx @Greatwolf for many patches and @cfanderek for reminding) - Initialized IColladaMeshWriter::GeometryWriting which was uninitialized. - Fix linker trouble with irr::core::equalsByUl when compiling Irrlicht as managed code (thx @ Memorial76 for a report + testcase) - Fix crashes in CCubeSceneNode::clone and CSphereSceneNode::clone (reported by marsupial) - Fix the clipping in the listbox drawing which was only showing the right line of the sunken pane (reported by Mloren and Abraxas). - Initialize slider in example 05 correct (reported by Zerochen) - Fix crash in CMeshSceneNode::clone when the mesh had no shadow (reported by christianclavet, bug-fix found by Nadro) -------------------------- Changes in 1.8 (7.11.2012) - Let sphere mesh use full opaque color, just as all the other ones do - Gcc on Win32 (MinGW) now also works with the _w file access functions when compiled with _IRR_WCHAR_FILESYSTEM. (thx @ alexzk for reporting compile troubles) - Fix a bunch of off-by one errors in irr::core::string in functions equals_substring_ignore_case, findFirst, findFirstChar, findNext, findLast, findLastChar, replace, remove and removeChars. This prevents some potential memory access errors, find functions no longer try to find the \0, replace no longer replaces the \0 and remove no longer tries to remove it (which did remove the last character instead). - matrix4::setRotationAxisRadians added - user clipplanes fixed - Skip rendering of lines, points, and polygons, as these lead to crahses due to wrong access to the vertex lists. A fix would need major rewrite of the vertex cache, or at least some other render methods. - Add mipmap generation for makeColorKeyTexture - Add another saveScene overload which allows to pass in a user-created XMLWriter. Patch suggested by eversilver. - quaternion conversions to and from matrix4 no longer invert rotations. To test if your code was affected by this you can set IRR_TEST_BROKEN_QUATERNION_USE in quaternion.h and try to compile your application. Then on all compile-errors when you pass the matrix to the quaternion you can replace the matrix transposed matrix. For all errors you get on getMatrix() you can use quaternion::getMatrix_transposed instead. - CGUIEnvironment::loadGui - loading a gui into a target-element no longer messes up when the gui-file contained guienvironment serialization. - Colladawriter now exports materials per node when those are used in Irrlicht - Colladawriter now writing matrices for node transformations as old solution did not work with CDummyTransformationSceneNode's. - Colladawriter no longer create an extra node for the scenemanger as <visual_scene> has that job in Collada. - Colladwriter no longer makes all Scenenodes children of ambient-light as that can be parallel on the same layer instead. - Colladareader now creates the ambient-light correct instead of creating a point-light for it. - Add new parameter to array reallocate function. This prevents a reallocation in case the array would become smaller. As the reallocation operation is quite time consuming, this can be avoided on request now, on the expense of more memory consumption. - Add IAnimatedMeshSceneNode::getLoopMode (asked for by JLouisB) - CSceneNodeAnimatorCameraFPS now resets the key-input when it was disabled (thx @ gerdb for reporting and patch-proposal) - Properly destroy OpenGL resources on linux (thx @curaga for the patch) - Fix diplay bux in the attribute-panel of the GUIEditor. Fixes bug 3517314 (thx @Darkcoder for reporting). - Allow caching cursor position on X11 to work around slow XQueryPointer calls (thx @Hendu for reporting+patch proposal) - Make sure after EGET_EDITBOX_ENTER and EGET_COMBO_BOX_CHANGED event processing no more code is executed for the corresponding editbox or combobox objects to allow clearing the environment on those actions (see comments on bug-id 2995838). - Fix string::replace which failed replacing substrings at the end when the replacement was longer - Struct packing works now with gcc 4.7 changes on MinGW (thx @Sudi for reporting). - Struct packing uses now same solution throughout (by including headers in corresponding places) - User can now set characters used for decimal point in fast_atof for localisation. - Add parameter useAlphaChannel to second IGUIEnvironment::addImage function. - Get rid of unnecessary warning "Could not load sprite bank because the file does not exist" for "#defaultfont". - Fix MRT disabling. Bug found and fixed by hendu. - core:::array::reallocate returning now immediately when it has nothing to do. Should reduce a lot of memory thrashing on irrArrays. - Start mesh animations at first OnAnimate , before start-frame was rather random. Thx @Auria for reporting and patch proposal. - renderTargetTexture now working with ECF_R5G6B5 - add -fPic in c::b linux fast math shared build. - Fix by Auria for starting the animated meshes only at first OnAnimate instead of at random times and animation frames. - Add support for MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURES, which allows more texture support than with the original fixed pipeline texture check under OpenGL. Now, more than 4 textures should also work with newer gfx cards and drivers, which often only support 4 fixed pipeline textures. - triangle3d::isPointInsideFast now using some epsilon to catch all points on the borders. - triangle3d::getIntersectionOfPlaneWithLine calculates now with higher precision for more exact results. - triangle3d::isOnSameSide (used by isPointInside) calculates now with higher precision and uses some epsilon to make it work with larger integers and less floating point troubles. Slightly slower now. - new function equalsByUlp to test for spacing between floating point numbers. - speedup for collada writing. - speedup for xml-writing. - Fix 8bit grey image TGAs, which were not working due to missing palette. Also switched to RGB8 format, as otherwise a loss in precision would occur. Thanks to Klunk for the error report and a test image. - fixed issues with a D3D driver and Aero effects. - Fix font-drawing in CGUIButton to use EGDF_BUTTON again (thx @DJLinux for reporting). - Add texture cache with proper reference handling. This avoids deletion of textures while still being active on the GPU. Test case and fix by m(att)giuca - CFileSystem::removeFileArchive now checking for normalized path - Fix zip's with passwords on 64-bit systems (thx @ Dr. Gladman fo
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