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Microsoft 的汇编软件!功能挺强大的!
MICROSOFT DIAGNOSTICS (MSD) UTILITY =================================== -------------------------------------------------------------------- | INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS DOCUMENT AND ANY SOFTWARE THAT MAY | | ACCOMPANY THIS DOCUMENT (collectively referred to as an | | Application Note) IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY | | KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO | | THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR FITNESS FOR A | | PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The user assumes the entire risk as to the | | accuracy and the use of this Application Note. This Application | | Note may be copied and distributed subject to the following | | conditions: 1) All text must be copied without modification and | | all pages must be included; 2) If software is included, all files | | on the disk(s) must be copied without modification (the DOS | | utility DISKCOPY is appropriate for this purpose); 3) All | | components of this Application Note must be distributed together; | | and 4) This Application Note may not be distributed for profit. | | | | Copyright 1990 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. | | Microsoft and the Microsoft logo are registered trademarks of | | Microsoft Corporation. | -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Microsoft Diagnostics (MSD) utility is designed to assist Microsoft customers and Product Support Services (PSS) technicians in identifying system configuration information such as the BIOS and video card type and manufacturer, processor(s) installed, I/O port status, operating system version, environment settings, hardware devices attached, and additional software running concurrently with MSD. This utility is used when Microsoft PSS needs information to diagnose and solve problems with Microsoft products. INSTALLATION ============ Hard Disk System ---------------- To install MSD on a hard disk system, do the following: 1. Place the enclosed disk in drive A. 2. At the DOS prompt, type the following and press the ENTER key copy a:\msd.exe <pathname> where <pathname> is the location of your root directory. For example, type the following and press the ENTER key: copy a:\msd.exe c:\ Dual Floppy Disk System ----------------------- To install MSD on a dual floppy disk system, do the following: 1. Place your DOS boot disk (system disk) in drive A and the enclosed Microsoft Diagnostics (MSD) Utility disk in drive B. 2. At the DOS prompt, type the following and press the ENTER key: copy b:\msd.exe a: USING THE MICROSOFT DIAGNOSTICS UTILITY ======================================= The MSD utility (MSD.EXE) runs in DOS and the DOS compatibility box of OS/2. To start MSD, do the following: 1. At the DOS prompt, change to the root directory (where you installed MSD.EXE). 2. Type "msd" (without the quotation marks) and press the ENTER key. (For monochrome, black-and-white, and LCD screens, type "msd /b" and press ENTER.) 3. The program presents an introduction screen. To continue, press any key. MSD then presents a Main Menu screen split into two sections. The upper section presents a summary of information that the utility has gathered from your system. For additional information on any category, move the highlight bar (using the arrow keys) to any category and press the ENTER key. A dialog box appears that presents detailed information for that category. You can quickly choose any category by pressing the ALT key and the highlighted letter corresponding to the category you want. Return to the Main Menu screen by pressing the ESC key. The following is a brief explanation of the categories in the first section: Category Description -------- ----------- BIOS Displays the BIOS manufacturer, date, version, and type Processor Displays the processor type and math coprocessor, if installed Memory Displays a map of physical memory from 768K to 1 MB and information concerning the configuration of RAM and ROM in your computer system Video Shows your video card's manufacturer and model, BIOS version, memory, and current video mode Network Detects whether a network is MS-NET or compatible, or Novell Mouse Shows the DOS mouse driver version number, mouse type, and other information concerning the mouse Game Adapter Dynamically displays game card status for up to two game devices or joysticks CD-ROM Displays the Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX.EXE) version number and drive letter Operating System Displays the operating system version number and path from which MSD was run Parallel Ports Dynamically displays the status of installed parallel ports and their port addresses Serial Ports Dynamically displays the status of active serial ports and their current configurations Disk Drives Scans all local and logical drives and displays the total and available bytes IRQ Status Shows the current hardware interrupt, IRQ, status Environment Displays environment variables AUTOEXEC.BAT Lists the AUTOEXEC.BAT file CONFIG.SYS Lists the CONFIG.SYS file The lower section of the MSD screen includes additional functions you can use with your system, as follows: Function Description -------- ----------- Resident Programs Displays the names of programs loaded in RAM at the time MSD was executed, their locations, and their sizes; programs may be loaded into multiple segments of RAM and have multiple entries in the table Device Table Displays software and hardware device drivers installed; these include default devices, such as COM1 or LPT1, and user-installed devices loaded from the CONFIG.SYS file, such as HIMEM.SYS or EMM386.SYS Printer Test Prints a page to test the connection between the computer and either a TTY or PostScript- type printer Generate Report Prints a "faxable" report to a normal TTY printer or to a file File Viewer Views text files by entering the path and filename Memory Browser Searches selected ROM and RAM areas for search strings such as "Copyright" and "Version" About Displays MSD version number and copyright information Exit Exits MSD USES FOR THE MICROSOFT DIAGNOSTICS UTILITY ========================================== The Microsoft Diagnostics utility is designed to be used in one of three ways: 1. Over the telephone, you can report the information MSD displays to the Microso
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