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链接到rstudio :: conf 2020的幻灯片 可以在这里找到材料和链接的官方存储: 。 幻灯片链接到2020 拉请求欢迎!或添加一个问题,或鸣叫 。 车间材料 所有研讨会资料都位于Github Organzation 。 ,Greg Wilson 。 Zev Ross ,《 。 ,Andrie de Vries 。 ,Carl Howe 和Yihui Xie 。 ,Amelia McNamara 和Hadley Wickham 。 ,Rich Iannone 和Malcolm Barrett 。 ,Bradley 。 ,丹尼·卡普兰(Danny Kaplan)。 ,Alison Hill 和Garrett Grolemund 。 ,Garrick Aden-Buie 。 ,Julia Lowndes 和Allison Horst 。 ,
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# Links to slides from rstudio::conf 2020 <!-- badges: start --> <!-- badges: end --> Offical storage of material and links can be found here: [rstudio-conf]( Links to slides to talks at the 2020 [rstudio::conf]( Pull requests welcome! Or add an issue, or tweet [@Emil_Hvitfeldt]( --- ## Workshops Material All the workshop material is located in the Github Organzation [rstudio::conf 2020]( - [RStudio Instructor Training](, Greg Wilson [gvwilson]( - [Modern Geospatial Data Analysis](, Zev Ross [zevross]( - [RStudio Team system administration](, Andrie de Vries [revoandrie]( - [R Markdown and Interactive Dashboards](, Carl Howe [cdhowe]( and Yihui Xie [xieyihui]( - [Introduction to Data Science in the Tidyverse](, Amelia McNamara [AmeliaMN]( and Hadley Wickham [hadleywickham]( - [My Organization's First R Package](, Rich Iannone [riannone]( and Malcolm Barrett [malco_barrett]( - [Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow in R](, Bradley Boehmke [bradleyboehmke]( - [Shiny From Start To Finish](, Danny Kaplan. - [Introduction to Machine Learning with the Tidyverse](, Alison Hill [apreshill]( and Garrett Grolemund [StatGarrett]( - [JavaScript for Shiny Users](, Garrick Aden-Buie [grrrck]( - [R for Excel Users](, Julia Lowndes [juliesquid]( and Allison Horst [allison_horst]( - [Building Tidy Tools](, Charlotte Wickham [CVWickham]( and Hadley Wickham [hadleywickham]( - [A Practical Introduction to Data Visualization with ggplot2](, Kieran Healy [kjhealy]( - [Text Mining with Tidy Data Principles](, Julia Silge [juliasilge]( - [Tidy Time Series and Forecasting in R](, Rob J Hyndman [robjhyndman]( - [Applied Machine Learning](, Max Kuhn [topepos]( and Davis Vaughan [dvaughan32]( - [What They Forgot to Teach You about R](, Kara Woo [kara_woo](, Jenny Bryan [JennyBryan](, and Jim Hester [jimhester_]( - [Designing the Data Science Classroom](, Mine Çetinkaya-Runde [minebocek]( - [Big Data with R](, Edgar Ruiz [theotheredgar]( and James Blair [Blair09M]( --- ## Wednesday 2019-01-29 ### Welcome - Welcome to rstudio::conf ### 9:00 Keynote :star2:: Open Source Software For Data Science :speaker:: JJ Allaire [@fly_upside_down]( :link:: :scroll:: [revealjs]( :movie_camera:: ### 10:00 Keynote :star2:: Data, Visualization, And Designing With AI :speaker:: Fernanda Viegas, Martin Wattenberg :link:: [People + AI Guidebook]( :scroll:: :movie_camera:: --- ### 11:30 Session 1, Track 1: Case Study :star2:: Case Studies In Customer Succes :speaker:: Katie Masiello :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: :star2:: How Vibrant Emotional Health Connected Siloed Data Sources And Streamlined Reporting Using R :speaker:: Sean Murphy :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: :star2:: Building A New Data Science Pipeline For The FT With RStudio Connect :speaker:: George Kastrinakis :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: :star2:: How To Win An AI Hackathon, Without Using AI :speaker:: Colin Gillespie [csgillespie]( :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: ### 11:30 Session 1, Track 2: Education :star2:: Meet You Where You R :speaker:: Lauren Chadwick :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: :star2:: Data Science Education In 2022 :speaker:: Carl Howe [cdhowe](, Greg Wilson [gvwilson]( :link:: [Github]( :scroll:: [pdf]( :movie_camera:: :star2:: Data Science Education As An Economic And Public Health Intervention In East Baltimore :speaker:: Jeff Leek [jtleek]( :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: :star2:: Of Teacups, Giraffes, & R Markdown :speaker:: Desiree De Leon [dcossyle]( :link:: [web]( :scroll:: :movie_camera:: ### 11:30 Session 1, Track 3: Production :star2:: Deploying End-To-End Data Science With Shiny, Plumber, And Pins :speaker:: Alex Gold [alexkgold]( :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: :star2:: We’re Hitting R A Million Times A Day So We Made A Talk About It :speaker:: Heather Nolis [heatherklus](, Jacqueline Nolis [skyetetra]( :link:: [Put R in Prod]( :scroll:: [pdf]( :movie_camera:: :star2:: Growth Hacking With R - Product Analytics At Scale Using R And RStudio :speaker:: Andrew Mangano :link:: :scroll:: :movie_camera:: :star2:: Practical Plumber Patterns :speaker:: James Blair :link:: [blairj09/ppp]( :scroll:: [pdf]( :movie_camera:: ### 11:30 Session 1, Track 4: Programming :star2:: Simplified Data Quality Monitoring Of Dynamic Longitudinal Data: A Functional Programming Approach :speaker:: Jacqueline Gutman [dynamicdataduo]( :link:: :scroll:: [pdf]( :movie_camera:: :star2:: Vctrs: Creating Custom Vector Classes With The Vctrs Package :speaker:: Jesse Sadler [vivalosburros]( :link:: :s