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另一个DMZ游标主题 所有最新更新的文件夹-请在复制之前删除旧文件夹! 此主题的目的是取代黑白忙碌的微调框 在DMZ光标主题中。 所有图标(动画手表微调器图标和指针除外)均继承自DMZ-White主题。 对于蓝色的Unity8点,我已用作参考。 这一个作为内在的阴影。 这个Unity8微调器来自。 线之间的空间是透明的。 与上述相同,但橙色 DMZ-colored_trobber是标准的默认DMZ手表微调框,颜色为蓝色。 使用橙色拆分时,我尝试使用其他颜色。 此处,橙色点在旋转时分裂并组装。 #E95420有时看起来像红色,所以这个略微是橙色。 只是一个旋转的Suru齿轮图标。 这三个点的位置与Ubuntu徽标中的位置相同。 我想添加一些颜色,并使用Suru蓝色,Ubuntu橙色和Canonical茄子。 我遇到了这个想法,并认为这是微软的圆点和苹果的沙滩球之间的完美结合。
# Yet another DMZ cursor theme ###### ALL FOLDERS RENAMED IN LATEST UPDATE - PLEASE REMOVE OLD FOLDERS BEFORE COPYING! ---------- The purpose of this theme is to replace the black/white busy spinner ![]( in the DMZ cursor theme. All icons (except the animated watch spinner icon and the pointer) is inherited from the DMZ-White theme. 1. For the blue **Unity8 dots** I have used [this YouTube video ]( as a reference. This one as an inner shadow. 2. This **Unity8 spinner** came from [the Ubuntu Phone documentation]( The space between the lines are transparent. 3. Same as above but orange 4. **DMZ-colored_trobber** is the standard default DMZ watch spinner, colored blue. 5. With the **orange split** I am trying a different color. Here an orange dot splitting and assembling while rotating. The #E95420 sometimes looks like red, so this one is slightly more orange. 6. Simply a rotating **Suru gear** icon. 7. These 3 dots are placed like in the Ubuntu logo. I wanted to add some color and used Suru blue, Ubuntu orange and Canonical aubergine. 8. I came across this idea and thought it was a nice mix between Microsoft's circle of dots and Apples beachball. Also with so many colors, it can be seen on any background color. 9. A orange bouncing ball. I was hoping the shadow was a bit clear, since the ball disappears on orange backgrounds. 10. A gray semi-transparent ring with an orange slice rotating. 11. A blue circle with a "wave" animation. 12. This one is taking the idea of the current "process-working-symbolic.svg". 13. This IS the actual "process-working-symbolic.svg" spinning. ![examples](examples.jpg) The pointer has also been replaced and should appear sharper. ![Compare](compare.jpg) ### Installation To give this a try simply copy the folders to `/usr/share/icons/` and select the cursor theme in Tweaks. ##### Example: For easy testing, open the terminal inside the *Yet-another-DZM-cursor-theme* folder and paste the following: `sudo cp -r Communitheme_1 Communitheme_2 Communitheme_3 Communitheme_4 Communitheme_5 Communitheme_6 Communitheme_7 Communitheme_8 Communitheme_9 Communitheme_10 Communitheme_11 Communitheme_12 Communitheme_13 /usr/share/icons/ `