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地址簿教程 ==================== 本教程将教您一些基本概念。它是学习入门的快速阅读,而不是有关如何设计应用程序的示例。请注意,此示例使用Java 8,并且需要Java 8才能运行。 从命令行运行示例 $ mvn jetty:run 打开 导入IntelliJ IDEA 14 这些说明已在IntelliJ IDEA 14 CE上进行了测试。您可以从获得 要在IDEA中启动并运行项目,请执行以下操作: 文件->新建->版本控制中的项目-> Git 使用的URL是 如果收到有关“找到非托管pom.xml文件”的消息。选择“添加为Maven项目” 如果收到有关未选择JDK或SDK的消息。选择“配置”,然后选择已安装的JDK。您也可以使用File-> Project Structure设置JDK。 要启动项目,请在屏幕右侧找到“ Maven项目”选项卡,然后导航至 Vaadin
Addressbook Tutorial ==================== ![Java CI](https://github.com/DevTools-India/DevOps-Demo/workflows/Java%20CI/badge.svg) This tutorial teaches you some of the basic concepts in [Vaadin Framework](https://vaadin.com). It is meant to be a fast read for learning how to get started - not an example on how application should be designed. Please note this example uses and requires Java 8 to work. ![Addressbook Screenshot](addressbook_screenshot.png "Addressbook Screenshot") Running the example from the command line ------------------- ``` $ mvn jetty:run ``` Open [http://localhost:8080/](http://localhost:8080/) Importing in IntelliJ IDEA 14 -------------------- These instructions were tested on IntelliJ IDEA 14 CE. You can get it from https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/ To get the project up and running in IDEA, do: - File -> New -> Project from Version Control -> Git - The URL to use is https://github.com/vaadin/addressbook.git - If you get a message about "Non-managed pom.xml file found". Choose "Add as Maven Project" - If you get a message about no JDK or SDK being selected. Choose "Configure" and select your installed JDK. You can also set the JDK using File -> Project Structure - To start the project, find the "Maven Projects" tab on the right hand side of the screen and navigate to - Vaadin Web Application -> Plugins -> jetty -> jetty:run - Click the play button or right click and select Run (Select Debug instead to run in debug mode) You should now have a Jetty server running on localhost:8080. Navigate to http://localhost:8080 to play with the application Importing in NetBeans 8 -------------------- These instructions were tested on NetBeans 8.0.2. You can get it from https://www.netbeans.org To checkout and run the project in NetBeans, do: - Team -> Git -> Clone - Set repository URL to https://github.com/vaadin/addressbook.git - Finish - Right click the imported project (Vaadin Addressbook Application) and select Run - Select GlassFish Server 4.1 -> Remember in Current IDE Session -> OK You should now have a GlassFish server running on localhost:8080 and a browser tab should also be automatically opened with this location Importing in Eclipse -------------------- These instructions were tested on Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Luna SR2. You can get it from http://eclipse.org/downloads/ To checkout and run the project in Eclipse, do: - File -> Import... - Check out Maven Projects from SCM - Choose Git from SCM menu - If you do not see "Git" in the SCM menu, click "Find more SCM connectors in the m2e Marketplace" and install "m2e-egit". Restart Eclipse and start over. - Set the repository URL to https://github.com/vaadin/addressbook.git - Right click the imported "addressbook" and choose Run As -> Maven Build... - Set the goal to "jetty:run" and click "Run" You should now have a Jetty server running on localhost:8080. Navigate to [http://localhost:8080/](http://localhost:8080/) to play with the application To use the built in server adapters of Eclipse, instead of doing "Run As -> Maven Build..." you can do - Run As -> Run on Server - Select the server you want to run on, e.g. Apache Tomcat 8 and click ok - *Do not use the suggested J2EE Preview server* as it is outdated, deprecated and does not support Servlet 3, which is required for this application *** End of documentation
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