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-What I will be Going Over- In this article, I don't plan on giving you any bullshit. I don't plan on hinting towards how to break into a wifi network, I will show you how to break into a wifi network. I will do it simple steps, and only break them down if I feel that you will need it or can benefit from knowing it. The following subjects I will touch on include the following: 1. Brief Introduction to Backtrack 2. Cracking the WEP Key (we will go over WEP cracking, I may write another one on WPA a bit later...) 3. MITM Attack 4. Basic Network Analysis -Brief Introduction to Backtrack- Backtrack is something that is essential, in my opinion, to be in any hackers toolbox. It is a live-linux cd that is compatible with most laptops (Just for reference sake, I am using my Eee PC with an external DVDRom drive to boot it). All you have to do is go to www.remote- exploit.org and download the ISO that fits what you would like to use it on (CD, DVD, or USB/SD). Once you do that, you will need to to stick the CD/DVD/USB/SD into your laptop, and restart. When you restart, you must hit whatever key you need to do load the boot options, for most computers it's F8 or F9, for mine, it's the ESC key. Once you boot into it, you will have to go through a few menus, basically all you have to do is keep hitting enter until the KDE loads. When the boot is finished, you should see a screen similar to this:
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