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原理图器 它是什么? Schematizer是一种架构存储服务,可跟踪和管理数据管道中使用的所有架构,并提供自动文档支持等功能。 我们使用Apache Avro表示我们的模式。 如何下载 git clone 测验 运行单元测试 make -f Makefile-opensource test 运行单元集成测试 make -f Makefile-opensource itest 设置和配置 为Schematizer服务创建mysql数据库: CREATE DATABASE <db> DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8; 在<db>数据库中为Schematizer服务创建MySQL表: cat schema/tables/*.sql | mysql <db> 创建一个t
# Schematizer What is it? ----------- The Schematizer is a schema store service that tracks and manages all the schemas used in the Data Pipeline and provides features like automatic documentation support. We use Apache Avro to represent our schemas. [Read More]( How to download --------------- ``` git clone ``` Tests ----- Running unit tests ``` make -f Makefile-opensource test ``` Running unit integration tests ``` make -f Makefile-opensource itest ``` Setup and Configuration ----------------------- 1. Create a mysql database for Schematizer Service:: ``` CREATE DATABASE <db_name> DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8; ``` 2. Create MySQL tables in `<db_name>` database for Schematizer Service:: ``` cat schema/tables/*.sql | mysql <db_name> ``` 3. Create a `topology.yaml` file ``` topology: - cluster: <schematizer_cluster_name> replica: master entries: - charset: utf8 use_unicode: true host: <db_ip> db: <db_name> user: <db_user> passwd: <db_password> port: <db_port> ``` 4. In `config.yaml` assign values to the following configs:: ``` schematizer_cluster: <schematizer_cluster_name> topology_path: /path/to/topology.yaml ``` Usage ----- Use `serviceinitd/` to start the Schematizer service. ### Interactive directly with Schematizer Service. Registering a schema:: ``` curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: text/plain' -d '{ "namespace": "test_namespace", "source_owner_email": "", "source": "test_source", "contains_pii": false, "schema": "{\"type\":\"record\",\"namespace\":\"test_namespace\",\"source\":\"test_source\",\"name\":\"test_name\",\"doc\":\"test_doc\",\"fields\":[{\"type\":\"string\",\"doc\":\"test_doc1\",\"name\":\"key1\"},{\"type\":\"string\",\"doc\":\"test_doc2\",\"name\":\"key2\"}]}" }' '' ``` Getting Schema By ID:: ``` curl -X GET --header 'Accept: text/plain' '<schema_id>' ``` ### Interactive with Schematizer Service using Schematizer Client Lib. Registering a schema:: ``` from data_pipeline.schematizer_clientlib.schematizer import get_schematizer test_avro_schema_json = { "type": "record", "namespace": "test_namespace", "source": "test_source", "name": "test_name", "doc": "test_doc", "fields": [ {"type": "string", "doc": "test_doc1", "name": "key1"}, {"type": "string", "doc": "test_doc2", "name": "key2"} ] } schema_info = get_schematizer().register_schema_from_schema_json( namespace="test_namespace", source="test_source", schema_json=test_avro_schema_json, source_owner_email="", contains_pii=False ) ``` Getting Schema By ID:: ``` from data_pipeline.schematizer_clientlib.schematizer import get_schematizer schema_info = get_schematizer().get_schema_by_id( schema_id=schema_info.schema_id ) ``` Disclaimer ------- We're still in the process of setting up this service as a stand-alone. There may be additional work required to run a Schematizer instance and integrate with other applications. License ------- Schematizer is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: Contributing ------------ Everyone is encouraged to contribute to Schematizer by forking the Github repository and making a pull request or opening an issue.
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