Texas:C ++ 17的纹理加载器

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得克萨斯州 v0.1 Texas是一个旨在简化C ++ 17程序的纹理加载的库,重点放在3D应用程序上。 目标是拥有一个库,其中大多数(如果不是全部)功能都是模块化的,可以选择退出。 这使用户可以配置Texas以符合其项目的要求,并使其尽可能轻巧。 德州(Texas)还包括选择启用工具,以将纹理加载到OpenGL和Vulkan中。 笔记! 该库尚处于开发的早期阶段,在开发的早期阶段,随时可能会出现/消失界面中断更改,错误,功能。 提醒您,这是我正在建立的第一个供他人使用的库。 我目前不建议您在需要稳定性的情况下在当前状态下使用Texas,但是如果您愿意使用它并向我提供反馈和错误报告,我感到非常高兴。 入门 有关如何集成和使用Texas的说明,请转到Wiki页面。 要求 该库已经过测试,可以在以下编译器上运行 Windows x64 MSVC 14.25 Linux x64 GCC
# Texas v0.1 Texas is a library that aims to simplify texture loading for C++17 programs, with a focus on 3D applications. The goal is to have a library where most, if not all, functionality is modular and can be opted out. This allows users to configure Texas to match their project's requirements and be as lightweight as possible. Texas also includes opt-in tools to load textures into OpenGL and Vulkan. **NOTE!** This library is very early in it's development stages, interface breaking changes, bugs, features may appear/disappear at any time over the course of the early stages of development. This is the first library I'm building that's meant to be used by others, you are warned. I currently do not recommend using Texas in it's current state if you need stability, but I'm very happy if you would use it and give me feedback and bug reports. # Getting started ## For instructions on how to integrate and use Texas, head over to the Wiki pages. ## Requirements The library has been tested to run on the following compilers #### Windows x64 - MSVC 14.25 #### Linux x64 - GCC 9.2.1 - Clang 9.0.1 ## Limitations Texas is currently very limited in terms of functionality and supported files. So far it can only load basic KTX and PNG files, and save basic KTX files. Texas does not support modifying textures in any way, and will only load the texture as it exists in the file. Support for handling color-space data is still very limited in KTX. ### PNG PNG files are always decompressed to a grayscale, grayscale with alpha, RGB or RGBA 2D image upon loading based on the file's pixel format. PNG support is currently limited to the following features: - Grayscale - Grayscale with alpha - RGB 8-bit per channel - RGBA 8-bit per channel - Indexed colors Texas does not yet support interlaced PNG images. ### KTX KTX files will have all their mipmaps and array-layers extracted. Texas will not modify the image-data in any way. Currently tested KTX formats: - R 8-bit - RGB 8-bit - RGBA 8-bit - BC7 - ASTC Texas does not yet support cubemaps, 1D textures or 3D textures. Nor does it yet support ETC and ASTC compressed textures. ETC and ASTC support is planned. ## Planned features - Full support to read formats: - KTX - PNG - DDS - KTX2 - BMP - 1D textures - 3D textures - Cubemaps - ETC - Read only - Color space information ### Dependencies - zLib 1.2.11 - [zLib Home Site](https://www.zlib.net/) - zLib gets linked when you enable PNG support, otherwise it's not compiled at all. ### Contribution and Feedback Feedback is very much appreciated. Open an issue if you have a feature request. Open one even if it's already on the list of planned features, that way it's easier to gauge how to prioritize development. Sincerely, Nils Petter Skålerud aka "Didgy"