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matlab十六进制转十二进制代码Vaughn Friesen的图片组合 我过去所做的一些编程工作可在此处获得。 这些大部分是我在业余时间自己所做的项目。 唯一的例外是Bubble Cursor项目,我与一个队友一起为大学项目开发​​了该项目。 每个项目都有一个描述该项目的README.md文件,并且大多数都有源代码。 Windows的二进制文件位于项目目录下的bin/目录中。 这些项目大多数使用Visual Studio2005。对于Windows开发,我最喜欢的编程语言是C#,因此这是我几乎所有语言都使用的语言。 但是,我将指出在哪里使用了其他语言(通常是C ++)或特定的库。 项目概况 -MP3标签编辑器。 -打开文件并以ASCII,十进制,十六进制和二进制表示法显示它们。 -基本鼠标光标的一种变体,始终选择最接近的控件。 -计算代码行数和文件夹中的文件数。 -我曾尝试过一些测试.NET功能的测试。 -CFD软件的项目管理系统。 -Golang的批处理库。 -半功能波表合成器。 -使用BlackBerry的gameplay3d引擎进行FFT海洋测试。 -一个简单的Matlab应用
Vaughn Friesen's Portfolio ========================== Some of the programming work I've done in the past is available here. These are mostly projects I did by myself, in my spare time. The exception is the Bubble Cursor project, which I developed with one teammate for a university project. Each project has a `` file that describes the project, and most have source code. Binaries for Windows are in a `bin/` directory under the project directory. Most of these projects used Visual Studio 2005. My favourite programming language for Windows development is C#, so that's the language I used for nearly all of them. But I'll indicate where I used a different language (usually C++), or a specific library. Project Overview ---------------- * [audioinfo](audioinfo) - An MP3 tag editor. * [binaryviewer](binaryviewer) - Opens files and displays them in ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, and binary notations. * [bubblecursor](bubblecursor) - A variation of the basic mouse cursor that always selects the nearest control. * [codecounter](codecounter) - Counts the lines of code and number of files in a folder. * [dotnettests](dotnettests) - Several tests I used to try out features of .NET. * [FOAMkit]( - Project management system for CFD software [OpenFOAM]( * [gobatch]( - Batch processing library for Golang. * [mmtest](mmtest) - A semi-functional wavetable synthesizer. * [onyxtouch](onyxtouch) - An FFT ocean test using the gameplay3d engine from BlackBerry. * [pagerank](pagerank) - A simple Matlab application to test the convergence of the PageRank algorithm. * [pge](pge) - A game and game engine using DirectX 10. ePeriod Software ---------------- I have also developed two BlackBerry 10 apps which I've recently open-sourced. They are available at Problems -------- Many of these were just for my learning, or for my own use, and haven't been tested like they should. There are definitely problems and areas that could be improved considerably, but I probably won't be developing them anymore. That being said, go ahead and use anything that you think may be useful - they are all free, and you can get the source code for most of them too! Much as I would like to get them all to work right out of the box when you download them, some may not. I'll try to let you know where you might have problems and what you might be able to do to fix them. But I can't make any guarantees that they will compile or run. For the C++ ones, if you don't have Visual Studio you will need to download the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable. Install the 32-bit one on 32-bit Windows, and both on 64-bit Windows. For the DirectX 10 one (*pge*) you will need the latest version of DirectX. Links are at the bottom of this file. Compiling --------- I made sure I could compile all the code here before uploading it, but while doing so, I updated the solutions for Visual Studio 2010. They still target the .NET 2.0 though, so it may be possible to load the solutions in earlier versions of Visual Studio. I'm not sure. But you can download the binaries still, and try them out (again, except where I indicate there may be a problem). Redistributables ---------------- As promised, here are links to the redistributables you may need: **Visual C++ 2010 SP1** for Windows XP or higher - 32-bit: - 64-bit: **.NET Framework 4.0** for Windows XP SP3 or higher - 32-bit or 64-bit: **DirectX 10** - Windows Vista+:
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