《The Pleasures of Pi, e and Other Interesting Numbers》作者: Adrian

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  • 2022-05-06 11:51
作者:Adrian Y E O 摘要:This is a mathematics book written specifically for the enjoyment of non-mathematicians and those who “hated math in school.” The book is organized into two sections: (I) Beauty for the Eye (shallow water for the non-swimmer); and (II) A Feast for the Mind (slowly getting deeper for the more adventurous). The author covers beautiful infinite series beginning with those that a young child can understand to one that even Isaac Newton, Gottfried Liebniz and the famous Bernoulli brothers could not sum. Sample Chapter(s) Foreword (92 KB) Chapter 1: Infinity and Infinite Series (3,506 KB) Request Inspection Copy Contents: Beauty for the Eye: Infinity and Infinite Series π-Series e-Series Other Interesting Number Series Feast for the Mind: Easy Proofs Less Easy Proofs Not-So-Easy Proofs Readership: Students from secondary one to O-level, junior college students and general readers. A pleasurable introduction to mathematics, using infinite series to illustrate the beauty of mathematics with simple, easy-to-follow proofsAn original approach to presenting maths in a fun and pleasurable wayAn enriching experience for maths-fearing adults and “humanities” undergraduates as well as students at O-leve
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