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This book is intended to be a comprehensive and thorough treatment of the OAuth 2.0 protocol and many of its surrounding technologies, including OpenID Connect and JOSE/JWT. We want you to come away from this book with a deep understanding of what OAuth can do, why it works the way that it does, and how to deploy it properly and securely in an unsafe internet. The target reader for this book is someone who’s probably used OAuth 2.0, or at least heard of it, but doesn’t really know how it works or why it works that way. Maybe you’ve even developed one or more OAuth 2.0 components, such as a client to talk to a specific API, but you’re curious about other kinds of clients, or other parts of the OAuth 2.0 ecosystem. Perhaps you wonder, “What’s the authorization server doing when you go ask for that authorization code, anyway?” Or perhaps you’re tasked with protecting an API and you want to know if OAuth 2.0 is really going to do the job, and if so, how are you supposed to manage that? Maybe in your day job you’re building a client, but you want to know what the protected resource does with that token you sent it. Or maybe you’re building and protecting an API, but you want to know what the authorization server you’re talking to does to get those tokens into the right place. We want you to understand what the tool, OAuth 2.0, is really good at and how you can wield it effectively. We’re going to assume you know the basics of how HTTP works, and at least understand the utility of encrypting connections using TLS, if not the intimate details of how it works. Our code is all in JavaScript, but this isn’t a book about JavaScript, and so we’ve done our best to explain the abstractions and functional- ity that the code itself represents so that you can apply it to your own platform and
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