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自由动词 Freeverb算法的Rust实现。 关于自由词 Freeverb最初由“ Jezar at Dreampoint”用C ++编写,并于2000年6月发布到公共领域。现在,它已在多种软件的各种版本中广泛使用。 关于freeverb-rs Rust中Freeverb的这种实现几乎是原始来源的直接转换,该原始来源是作为的的演示项目而创建的。 此后代码已更新,因此如果您想跟着演讲进行,请查看adc-2018分支。 与原始实现有一些(有意)差异: 为简单起见,动态分配了延迟线缓冲区。 这可能会影响性能,一旦通用常量可用,我想使缓冲区静态。 内部使用64位处理,而原始为32位。 我可能会在某个时候将样本类型配置为可配置的,但就目前而言,64位处理似乎是明智的默认选择。 回购结构 src/freeverb/ 它包含Freeverb的核心实现,并具有一个简单的界面。 src/aud
# freeverb-rs A Rust implementation of the Freeverb algorithm. ## About Freeverb Freeverb was originally written in C++ by "Jezar at Dreampoint", and was released into the public domain in June 2000. It is now widely used in various incarnations in multiple software packages. - [Analysis of the Freeverb algorithm]( - [More information and a link to original C++ source]( ## About freeverb-rs This implementation of Freeverb in Rust is an almost direct conversion of the original source, created as a demonstration project for a [talk I gave about Rust at the Audio Developer Conference 2018]( The code has been updated since then, so if you want to follow along with the talk then take a look at the `adc-2018` branch. There are a couple of (intentional) differences to the original implementation: - delay line buffers are dynamically allocated for simplicity. This may have a performance impact, and once generic constants are available I would like to make the buffer static. - 64 bit processing is used internally whereas the original is 32 bit. I might make the sample type configurable at some point, but for now 64 bit processing seemed like a sensible default. ## Repo structure `src/freeverb/` This contains the core implementation of Freeverb, with a simple interface. `src/audio_module` This contains a (very) experimental generic module+parameter library, which I really only added as an excuse to explore approaches to polymorphism. The `audio_module` approach is currently only used by `app_gtk`, it might go away in the future, or maybe I'll decide I like it and continue to work on it. At this point I don't know! `src/freeverb_module` The `freeverb` processor wrapped up as an `AudioModule`, currently only used by `app_gtk`. `src/clib` A static library that provides C bindings to the `freeverb::Freeverb` processor, used by app_juce. `examples/app_gtk` A very basic audio+GUI application that runs the `freeverb::Freeverb` processor. You will need `gtk` installed on your system for this to work. `examples/app_juce` A very basic JUCE application that runs the `freeverb::Freeverb` processor via a statically linked library. `examples/wasm` A library that provides a `wasm-bindgen` interface to the `freeverb::Freeverb` processor. Also in the folder is a small web application that runs the `wasm` processor.
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