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STM32F103VB 的 uCOS-II 官方源码IAR工程
STMicroelectronics STM32F103VB__uCOS-II.7z
uC/OS-II, The Real-Time Kernel DISTRIBUTION Version 2.86 READ ME FILE ****************************************************************************** ******************************* LICENSING TERMS ****************************** ****************************************************************************** Even if 湣/OS-II is provided in source form, 湣/OS-II is NOT freeware NOR open source software. You are NOT allowed to distribute the source code for 湣/OS-II without written consent from Micri痠. You need to obtain an 'Object Code Distribution License' to embed 湣/OS-II in a product that is sold with the intent to make a profit or, if the product is not used for education or 'peaceful' research. You need to contact Micri痠 for licensing details. ****************************************************************************** ****************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS ***************************** ****************************************************************************** 1) Reporting problems 2) Software Upgrades 3) Release Notes /*$PAGE*/ ****************************************************************************** ***************************** REPORTING PROBLEMS ***************************** ****************************************************************************** If you find a problem (i.e. bug) in uC/OS-II, do not hesitate to report the problem to either: 1) Through e-mail: My e-mail address is: 2) By writing to me at: Micrium 949 Crestview Circle Weston, FL 33327 U.S.A. c/o: Jean J. Labrosse 3) By calling Micrium: (954) 217-2036 (954) 217-2037, FAX Make sure that the problem you are reporting is in uC/OS-II and not your application. If you in fact discover a bug in uC/OS-II, check the uC/OS-II web site for a list of known bugs and their fixes: If you are using an older version, you should first get the lastest version. /*$PAGE*/ ****************************************************************************** ****************************** SOFTWARE UPGRADES ***************************** ****************************************************************************** As you can see, I have been trying to support uC/OS (i.e. V1.xx) and now, uC/OS-II. When bugs are found, I do my best to promptly correct them. It is virtually impossible to notify everybody that purchased the code (i.e. the diskette) to tell them that a new version is available. You should occasionally check the uC/OS-II WEB site ( or the Micrium web site ( to see what version is currently shipping. I will not be upgrading the publisher everytime I add new features to uC/OS-II. I would highly suggest that you resist changing the STYLE of the code unless you don't mind spending many hours doing so everytime you upgrade. /*$PAGE*/ ****************************************************************************** ******************************** RELEASE NOTES ***************************** ****************************************************************************** 1) RELEASE NOTES: ---------------- The release notes are now provided in PDF format in the file: \Micrium\Software\uCOS-II\Doc\ReleaseNotes.PDF 2) FEATURES SINCE V2.00: ----------------------- All the features added since V2.00 are described in the PDF file: \Micrium\Software\uCOS-II\Doc\WhatsNewSince-V200.PDF 3) QUICK REFERENCE CHART: ------------------------ A Quick Reference Chart for all the functions in V2.8x is provided in the following .PDF files: \Micrium\Software\uCOS-II\Doc\QuickRefChart-Color.PDF If you have a LAMINATION machine, you can protect the chart by laminating it. 4) REFERENCE AND CONFIGURATION MANUALS: -------------------------------------- The updated Reference and Configuration Manual (Chapter 16 and 17 in the MicroC/OS-II 2nd Edition book) have been included in .PDF format in this distribution. These documents are found in: \Micrium\Software\uCOS-II\Doc\uCOS-II-RefMan.PDF (Chapter 16) \Micrium\Software\uCOS-II\Doc\uCOS-II-CfgMan.PDF (Chapter 17)
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