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SIFT Library - Rob HessRob Hess opensift 已经没有在Windows下的了,全部放到了linux下,我把它移植到了Windows下,并使用vs编译器
Intro ===== This is a collection of code I've put together to detect SIFT features in images and to use SIFT (or other) features to compute image transforms with RANSAC. It includes a SIFT function library as well as some executables to detect, match, and display keypoints. For more information on SIFT, refer to the paper by Lowe: Lowe, D. Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints. International Journal of Computer Vision, 60, 2 (2004), pp.91--110. Or see Lowe's website: Some of the code also works with affine-invariant features from the code by the VGG at oxford: Check out match.c for an example of how to use the RANSAC function. Try `match beaver.png beaver_xform.png` to see it work. Documentation is included in the docs/ directory. If it is not there, use `make docs` to build it (you need Doxygen). Help is available for executables using the '-h' command line option. Requirements ============ All code in this package requires the OpenCV library (known working version is 2.3): Some functions require GDK/GTK+2 (known working version is 2.18.4): Building ======== To build everything, use make: make This should produce a few executables in bin/, a static library lib/libopensift.a, and some HTML documentation in docs/. You can use the -h argument to get help with any of the executables. libopensift.a can be compiled into your own code using the standard method: gcc -I/path/to/opensift/include/ -L/path/to/opensift/lib/ yourcode.c -o yourexecutable -lopensift The documentation in docs/ describes all of the functions available in libopensift.a as well as #defines, etc. Use the documentation to determine what header files from include/ to include in your code. You can also individually build any of the executables or libopensift.a, e.g. make libopensift.a License ======= See the file LICENSE for more information on the legal terms of the use of this package.
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