Reverie_Unity:遐想的完整源代码-Unity game source code

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  • 2022-05-13 12:28
遐想 “一个好主意是在黎明或黑暗时独自在花园里,这样所有害羞的存在都会困扰着您,并让您沉迷于悬浮的思想中。”-詹姆斯·道格拉斯(James Douglas) 在这里玩游戏: : 预告片: : Reverie是一款独特的2D平台游戏,具有基于手势的游戏玩法。 绘制形状,击败敌人并帮助小女孩逃脱,使用'A','D'和'Space'到处走动。 用鼠标画画。 该游戏具有以下技术功能: 使用$ p算法的手势检测系统 FSM完整玩家 使模块解耦的Messenger模式 基于物理的movemenet 坚固的输入控制器 将此游戏作为我大学项目的一部分。 初始原型是作为Game Jam的一部分开发的,其主题是“童年”。 但是由于我目前正在工作,所以我没有时间继续开发这款游戏。 使用的工具 : Unity 5.4.4 PDollar-Unity [ ] iTween [ ] 高级CS
# Reverie [![16395577_1378555935528772_319417111_n.png](]( >"It is a good idea to be alone in a garden at dawn or dark so that all its shy presences may haunt you and possess you in a reverie of suspended thought "- James Douglas ## Play the game here : ## Trailer : Reverie is a unique 2D platformer with gesture based gameplay. Draw shapes, defeat enemies and help the little girl escape.Use 'A' ,'D' and 'Space' to move around. Use mouse to draw. ### The game has following technical features : * Gesture detection system using $p algorithm * Full player FSM * Messenger pattern to decouple modules * Physics based movemenet * Robust input controller Made this game as part of my college project. The inital prototype was developed as part of a Game Jam where the theme was 'Childhood'. But as I am currently employed I don't have time to continue development on this game. ### Tools used : * Unity 5.4.4 * PDollar-Unity [] * iTween [] * Advanced CSharp Messenger [] * Adobe Photoshop Art By Anmol Nikam [] NOTE: THIS IS THE WEBGL VERSION OF THE GAME. REMEMBER TO SWITCH PLATFORM IN UNITY TO WEBGL