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地震设计 用于计算符合美国各种设计规范的地震设计值的Web应用程序。 依存关系 此项目必须安装多个依赖项: PHP PostgreSQL 安装PHP $ brew install php56 --with-pdo-pgsql 安装PostgreSQL 这将引导您完成本地安装,启动和创建PostgreSQL数据库的过程。 安装 $ brew install postgresql 在运行brew install postgresql ,终端将输出说明,您将使用它们来启动和运行安装。 创建/升级数据库 如果这是您的首次安装,请使用以下命令创建数据库: $ initdb \ --auth=md5 \ --auth-host=md5 \ --auth-local=md5 \ --pgdata= < db> \ --encoding=UTF8
earthquake-usdesign ============== ![Travis Build Status]( Web application for computing seismic design values conforming to various design codes in the United States. [License]( ### Dependencies There are multiple dependencies that must be installed for this project: 1. PHP 1. PostgreSQL #### Install PHP ```bash $ brew install php56 --with-pdo-pgsql ``` #### Install PostgreSQL This will take you through the process of installing, starting, and creating a PostgreSQL database locally. 1. Install ```bash $ brew install postgresql ``` After running `brew install postgresql`, the terminal will output directions that you will use to get your installation up and running. 1. Create/Upgrade a Database If this is your first install, create a database with: ```bash $ initdb \ --auth=md5 \ --auth-host=md5 \ --auth-local=md5 \ --pgdata=<db_directory> \ --encoding=UTF8 \ --locale=en_US.UTF-8 \ --username=<db_admin_username> --pwprompt ``` You will need to replace the `<db_directory>` and `<db_admin_username>` with actual values that make sense for your environment. The `<db_directory>` is a fully-qualified path name to a directory. This directory is where data files for the database installation will be located. The `<db_admin_username>` is the name of the administrator for the database installation. This command will prompt you to enter a password for the `<db_admin_username>`. > Note: We suggest defining a `.data` directory at the root level of this > application for the `<db_directory>`. 1. Start/Stop PostgreSQL After running the `initdb` command, you should see a success message. Use the `pg_ctl` utility to start the database. ```bash $ pg_ctl -D <db_directory> start ``` You will need to replace the `<db_directory>` with the same value you used when running the `initdb` command (above). Alternatively, you can set the `PGDATA` environment variable to this value and you will not need to specify the `-D <db_directory>` flag. 1. Login Login to the default `postgres` database with the user that created the database. ```bash $ psql postgres ``` > Note: PostgreSQL will create the default database `postgres`, which you > can access with the same user that you used to create the database. 1. Database The install process is assuming that an 'earthquake' database already exists. ``` CREATE DATABASE earthquake; ```