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ThisVui ThiVui是Vue.js的组件框架,旨在为开发人员提供简便的工具,以使用精美的UI来构建功能强大的Web应用程序。 它着重于灵活性和易用性,而不会忘记效率。 快速开始 安装 npm install thisvui --save ThisVui依赖Vue.js 2.x运行时,因此您需要安装它 npm install vue --save ThisVui入门 要首先开始使用ThisVui,您需要创建一个新的vue项目。 我们建议使用出色的进行Vue.js快速开发 创建一个新项目 如果您已经拥有vue项目,则只需忽略这些步骤,然后转到“安装ThisVui”部分。要安装Vue CLI软件包,请使用以下命令之一。 npm install -g @vue/cli # OR yarn global add @vue/cli 然后,使用以下命令创建一个新项目,并按照以下步骤进行
<p align="center"> <a href="" target="_blank" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <img src="" width="200"> </a> </p> # ThisVui > ThiVui is a Component Framework for Vue.js, intended to give developers easy tools to build powerful web apps with beautiful UI's. It's focused on flexibility and ease of use, without forgetting efficiency. ## Quick Start #### Install ``` npm install thisvui --save ``` >ThisVui relies on **Vue.js 2.x** runtime so you need to install it ``` npm install vue --save ``` #### Getting started with ThisVui To start using ThisVui first you need to create a new vue project. We recommend using the amazing [`Vue CLI`]( for rapid Vue.js development #### Creating a new project If you already have a vue project just ignore these steps and go to the installing ThisVui section To install the Vue CLI package, use one of the following commands. ``` npm install -g @vue/cli # OR yarn global add @vue/cli ``` Then to create a new project use the following command and follow the steps. You can check the details in the [`Creating a project`]( Vue CLI docs. ``` vue create thisvui-quickstart ``` Then go into the new created project. ``` cd thisvui-quickstart/ ``` You can run the new app using the following command. ``` npm run serve ``` You can see the new app through the [`localhost:8080`](http://localhost:8080) url in your browser. #### Installing ThisVui You can install the ThisVui package, using one of the following commands. ``` npm install thisvui --save # OR yarn add thisvui ``` Once installed, in your `main entry` (commonly `main.js`) file import ThisVui and tell Vue to use it. ``` import Vue from 'vue' import ThisVui from 'thisvui' Vue.use(ThisVui); ``` #### Importing styles You will also need to include the ThisVui styles. Simply include the `thisvui.css` file in your `index.html` or import `the sass file` or the `minified css`. ``` // Main entry file (ex: index.js or main.js) import 'thisvui/dist/thisvui.min.css' // Make sure you are using proper css loader ``` ``` // Main sass file (ex: main.sass) @import "~thisvui/dist/sass/thisvui" // Make sure you are using proper sass loader ``` >For a detailed explanation on how things work, check out the official thisVui [documentation]( site.