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<h1 align="center"> <br> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'><img src="" width="200"></a> <br> <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'></a> <br> </h1> <h4 align="center">Code for learning the blockchain data structure</h4> <br> ## ��� Installation To install this application, you'll need [Node.js]( 7+ (which comes with [npm]( installed on your computer. From your command line: #### Source You'll need [Git]( to run the project from source. From your command line: ```bash # Clone this repository $ git clone # Go into the repository $ cd blockchain # Install dependencies $ npm install # Run the app $ npm start ``` ## �對� FAQ #### When or why I would use this? You should use this if you want to build a bitcoin wallet, payment processor, or bitcoin merchant portal in javascript. You might also be interested in why decentralized networks or p2p applications are useful, or what advantages they have; this project seems like a good way to learn about that. #### What is the block chain actually for? The blockchain is for authorizing payments of a cryptocurrency between two peers without the need for a centralized 3rd party approving of the transaction. There are other uses of the blockchain which are more in line with the second point, digital signatures, but they are secondary to the main purpose of peer to peer transfer of value. Bitcoin is blockchain's killer app. #### Why the hell should I care about the blockchain? Blockchain facilitates trade over a network. Imagine a metal as scarce as gold with a magical property of "can be transported over a communications channel". This has implications with respect to individual rights, the world economy, and the way we monetize and transfer value at a level higher than bartering directly for goods. Lately people are distancing themselves from the proof-of-work concept and are using blockchain to describe only the mechanism of signing a transaction as verification of sending an amount. Change "sending an amount" to almost anything else - authorizing a change in a ruleset, casting a vote for a politician, verifying a point of IoT data is authentic. Now add in the concept of a peer-to-peer network to this and you've eliminated a middleman that once existed, thereby improving the efficiency and reducing cost. In these cases, "blockchain" refers to the structuring of a program or database in such a way that it has no central point of failure while still providing all of the features expected. For example, augur and gnosis are decentralized prediction markets. Ethereum has implemented smart contracts which enable decentralized release of funds based on a gambling outcome.
    • 私人区块链
      私人区块链应用 您以区块链开发人员的身份开始旅程,此项目可让您证明您已熟悉区块链平台的基本概念。 像这样的概念:-区块-区块链-钱包-区块链身份-存在证明 您是否需要描述区块链框架中一些最重要的组件,为什么不...
    • lyra-crypto:Javascript库为Lyra区块链进行加密
      Javascript库为Lyra区块链进行加密。 declare class LyraCrypto { static isAccountIdValid(accountId: string): boolean; static isPrivateKeyValid(privateKey: string): boolean; static GenerateWallet(): {...
    • lamden-js:创建和提交交易到Lamden区块链JavaScript实现
      这是( )中使用的Lamden javascript实现。 该软件包应可在Node.js和Broswer实现中使用。 安装 npm install lamden - js 测试 npm run tests 添加到项目 import Lamden from 'lamden-js' or const Lamden = ...
    • calabu:Marabu 区块链Javascript 实现
      卡拉布 Marabu 区块链Javascript 实现。
    • Blockchain:使用JavaScript实现的私有区块链
      使用JavaScript实现的私有区块链 当前,大多数功能都已实现,但该项目仍在开发中。 无论如何,它应该处于中间阶段。 要运行区块链,只需运行Main.js。 如有任何疑问,请随时与我联系@kaanjenkinsturan
    • aepp-sdk-js:æternity 区块链Javascript SDK
      要从终端快速测试 aeternity 的所有区块链功能,您可以通过运行以下命令安装和使用我们的NodeJS CLI : npm i -g @aeternity/aepp-cli全局安装 CLI aecli --help获取可能的命令列表 贡献 对于高级使用,为了更...
    • javascript-cli:ARK区块链JavaScript CLI
      ARK区块链的 。 首席维护者: 安装 yarn add arkecosystem/javascript-cli 依存关系 在运行yarn命令之前,您将需要安装以下软件包: 安全 如果您在此软件包中发现了安全漏洞,请发送电子邮件至 。 所有安全漏洞将...
    • 区块链js:使用JavaScript区块链项目
      区块链js 我第一次尝试构建具有所有可能功能和功能的功能性区块链网络。
    • blockchain:区块链
      区块链程序 依赖 npm install crypto-js npm install elliptic npm install secp256k1 运行方法: node main.js
    • subsocial-js:Subsocial区块链JavaScript SDK
      SubsocialJavaScript库通过 Subsocial是带有Web UI的一组Substrate托盘,允许任何人启动他们自己的分散的,具有抗审查性的社交网络(也称为社区)。 每个社区都可以是单独的底物链,并通过基于Polkadot的中继链与...