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![ArduinoJson](banner.svg) --- [![Build status](]( [![Build Status](]( [![Coverage Status](]( [![Star this project](]( ArduinoJson is a C++ JSON library for Arduino and IoT (Internet Of Things). ## Features * JSON decoding (comments are supported) * JSON encoding (with optional indentation) * Elegant API, easy to use * Fixed memory allocation (zero malloc) * No data duplication (zero copy) * Portable (written in C++98, can be used in any C++ project) * Self-contained (no external dependency) * Small footprint * Input and output streams * [100% code coverage]( * [Header-only library]( * [MIT License]( * [Comprehensive documentation]( ## Compatibility ArduinoJson works on the following hardware: * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> Arduino boards: [Uno](, [Due](, [Mini](, [Micro](, [Yun]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> Espressif chips: [ESP8266](, [ESP32]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> WeMos boards: [D1](, [D1 mini](, ... * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> RedBearLab boards: [BLE Nano](, [BLE Mini](, [WiFi Micro](, [LOLIN32]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Teensy]( boards * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> Intel boards: Edison, Galileo... * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> Particle boards: [Photon](, [Electron]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> Texas Instruments boards: [MSP430]( ArduinoJson compiles with zero warning on the following compilers, IDEs, and platforms: * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Arduino IDE]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [PlatformIO]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Energia]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Visual Micro]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Atmel Studio]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [IAR Embedded Workbench]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Atollic TrueSTUDIO]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Keil uVision]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [MPLAB X IDE]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [GCC]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Clang]( * <img src="" height="16" width="16"> [Visual Studio]( ## Quickstart ### Deserialization Here is a program that parses a JSON document with ArduinoJson. ```c++ char json[] = "{\"sensor\":\"gps\",\"time\":1351824120,\"data\":[48.756080,2.302038]}"; StaticJsonBuffer<200> jsonBuffer; JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.parseObject(json); const char* sensor = root["sensor"]; long time = root["time"]; double latitude = root["data"][0]; double longitude = root["data"][1]; ``` See the [tutorial on]( ### Serialization Here is a program that generates a JSON document with ArduinoJson: ```c++ StaticJsonBuffer<200> jsonBuffer; JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject(); root["sensor"] = "gps"; root["time"] = 1351824120; JsonArray& data = root.createNestedArray("data"); data.add(48.756080); data.add(2.302038); root.printTo(Serial); // This prints: // {"sensor":"gps","time":1351824120,"data":[48.756080,2.302038]} ``` See the [tutorial on]( ## Documentation The documentation is available on [](, here are some shortcuts: * The [Examples]( show how to use the library in various situations. * The [API Reference]( contains the description of each class and function. * The [FAQ]( has the answer to virtually every question. * The [ArduinoJson Assistant]( writes programs for you! --- Do you like this library? Please [star this project on GitHub](! What? You don't like it but you *love* it? We don't take donations anymore, but [we sell a book](, so you can help and learn at the same time!
    • json jar文件
      json所需要的jar文件 齐全!commons-collections-3.2.1.jar commons-httpclient-3.1.jar commons-lang-2.4.jar commons-logging-1.1.1.jar 等...
    • Json-morph
    • 简单json解析
    • http测试json
    • gojson
      gojson 从示例json创建Json-Interface结构 安装 go install 例子 ... " url " : " " , " added " : " 2019-11-12T14:08:00Z " , " priority " : 12 }, " nullvalue " : null
    • HttpPost请求和JSON解析
      简单的HttpPost请求和JSON解析 【包含完整的注释,适合初学者学习】
    • Http传输与Json解析
    • json jar下载
      包含commons-beanutils.jar、commons-beanutils.jar、commons-httpclient.jar、commons-lang.jar、commons-logging.jar、ezmorph-1.0.5.jar、json-lib-2.2-jdk15.jar、morph-1.1.1.jar 包,非常全~
    • json jar包
      包含了json所需的七个jar包,分别为 commons-beanutils.jar commons-collections-3.2.1.jar commons-httpclient-3.1.jar commons-lang-2.4.jar commons-logging-1.1.1.jar ezmorph-1.0.4.jar json-lib-2.2.3-jdk13....
    • SIM800C_MQTT.rar