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SMTP协议 此程序包是从头开始构建的新SMTP类。 现有的许多电子邮件库都是旧的,肿的,不在GitHub上,而且最糟糕的是使用camelcase编写的。 我想要一些简单的东西。 安装 通过Composer正常安装。 设定档 每次创建新的SMTP对象时,都必须传递一个配置数组。 这就是我们使软件包框架不可知的方式。 随附的配置文件是您必填字段和值的参考。 一种方法是直接从文件传递数组: $ mail = new Travis \ SMTP ( require __DIR__ . '/path/to/config.php' ); 另一种方法是在将文件手动复制到app/config/smtp.php后,使用Laravel传递配置: $ mail = new Travis \ SMTP ( Config :: get ( 'smtp' )); 请注意,您的配置包括多个连接,并且您可
# SMTP This package is a new SMTP class built from scratch. Many of the existing email libraries are old, bloated, not on GitHub, and worst of all written in camelcase. I wanted something short and simple. ## Install Normal install via Composer. ## Config Everytime you make a new SMTP object, you have to pass a config array. This is how we make the package framework agnostic. The included config file is your reference for the required fields and values. One method is to pass the array directly from the file: ```php $mail = new Travis\SMTP(require __DIR__ . '/path/to/config.php'); ``` Another method is to use Laravel to pass a config after manually copying the file to ``app/config/smtp.php``: ```php $mail = new Travis\SMTP(Config::get('smtp')); ``` Note that your config includes multiple connections, and you can choose which one to use when you forge the object: ```php $mail = new Travis\SMTP($config, 'amazon'); ``` You can also set a default connection in the config array. ## Usage A normal email would go like this: ```php use Travis\SMTP; $mail = new SMTP($config); $mail->to(''); $mail->from('', 'Paul T.'); // email is required, name is optional $mail->subject('Hello World'); $mail->body('This is a <b>HTML</b> email.'); $result = $mail->send(); ``` You can add multiple recipients, name is optional: ```php // add to $mail->to(''); $mail->to(''); // add cc $mail->cc(''); $mail->cc(''); // add bcc $mail->bcc(''); $mail->bcc(''); ``` You can set a custom reply-to address: ```php $mail->reply('', 'Paul T.'); ``` You can add attachments: ```php $mail->attach('/path/to/file1.png'); $mail->attach('/path/to/file2.png'); ``` You can assign a text version of your email: ```php $mail->text('This is a text email.'); ``` You can send text-only emails: ```php $result = $mail->send_text(); ``` ### Debug Mode In the config you can flag ``'debug_mode' = true;``, which can be helpful in testing your SMTP connections. It will echo server responses from each step in the email sending process. ## Limitations Below are some current limitations. Please feel free to contribute to this ongoing project. * Does not support encryption. * Does not support priority level. * Does not keep connection open for spooling email sends.
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