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它是什么? Valkyrie是另一个OSINT工具,它允许您执行一些基本的侦察/监视任务。 该工具仍在开发中,许多其他功能尚未出现。 我几乎不处理错误和用户输入,因此,如果没有任何效果,请不要感到惊讶:)。 一如既往,欢迎提出要求! Valkirye是使用构建的,并且依赖于 , , 和 。 实时监控由处理 侦察员们很高兴。 DNS信息 使用此界面可以了解当前DNS记录,历史DNS记录,子域以及通过IP子网和邻域进行导航。 所有数据都是使用其API从抓取的,因此在使用它之前,请抓取一个API密钥并相应地编辑appsettings.json。 IP地址研究返回任何给定IP级别范围内的邻居,从本质上讲,您可以浏览附近的IP地址。 它将范围分为16组。 示例:/ 28将被分为16/32块,或者/ 24将被分为16/28块。 历史DNS记录列出有关给定主机名参数的特定历史信息。 除了获取特定
## What is it? Valkyrie is another OSINT tool, it allows you to perform some basics recon/monitoring tasks. This tool stills under development, many other features are yet to come. I barely handled errors, and user inputs so don't be surprised if nothing works :). As always, pull requests are welcomed! Valkirye is built using [Razor pages]( and depends on [jQuery](, [Bootstrap](, [Datatables]( and [Chart.js]( Realtime monitoring is handled by [SignalR]( Happy recon folks. ## DNS Infos Use this interface to get an idea of Current DNS records, Historical DNS records, Subdomains and Navigate through IP subnets and neighborhoods. All data is grabbed from, using their API, so before using it, go and grab an API key and edit the appsettings.json accordingly. **IP address research** Returns the neighbors in any given IP level range and essentially allows you to explore close-by IP addresses. It will divide the range into 16 groups. Example: a /28 would be divided into 16 /32 blocks or a /24 would be divided into 16 /28 blocks. ![IP address research]( **Historical DNS records** Lists out specific historical information about the given hostname parameter. In addition of fetching the historical data for a particular type, the count statistic is returned as well, which represents the number of that particular resource against current data. (a records will have an ip_count field which will represent the number of records that has the same IP as that particular record) The results are sorted first_seen descending. The number of results is not limited. ![Historical DNS records]( **Get Subdomains** Returns child and sibling subdomains for a given hostname. Limited to 2000 results for the Free plan and to 10000 for all paid subscriptions. (for more subdomains you can use (in-depth) Subs section) ![Get Subdomains]( ## Certificate Discovers certificates by searching all of the publicly known Certificate Transparency (CT) logs. ![Certificate]( ## Twitter Keep an eye on the latest tweets that contain hashtags/keywords, space-separated, (monitor up to 5 keywords). Chart might be incomplete due to the Twitter rate limit. New tweets containing your keywords are added as they are tweeted, you can grab the user's info (including avatar, location, profile creation date/time...) by clicking on the user name from the list. ![Twitter]( A chart is drawn to give you an idea of how much "talk" is out there about topics you monitor. ![Twitter]( ## (in-depth)Subdomains It fully relies on Sublist3r which is a tool designed to enumerate subdomains of websites using OSINT. It helps penetration testers and bug hunters collect and gather subdomains for the domain they are targeting. Sublist3r enumerates subdomains using many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and Ask. Sublist3r also enumerates subdomains using Netcraft, Virustotal, ThreatCrowd, DNSdumpster, and ReverseDNS. You need to ***MANUALLY*** install it, and to set your Python path on the appsettings.json. Ex (yes I revoked the API key ;)): "AppSettings": { "PythonPath": "C:\\Users\\soufiane.tahiri\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python39", "SecuritytrailsAPIKey": "blw0TiVLivBCXwHXZgy212suJ35uejEK" } ![Sublist3r ]( ## Pastebin This section helps to keep an eye on bins that contain keywords (space separated) publicly available on ![Pastebin]( You can click on "Fetch" to try to get bins content, the generated chart allows you to know "how many leaks"/month is out there. ![Pastebin]( ## Username Recon Based on the idea behind 'Instant Username Search', this feature helps you find out if the given username is taken (if a profile exists) on more than 130 social media sites ![UsernameRecon](