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@ south-paw / koa-typescript :hot_springs_selector: 具有Typescript,ESLint,Prettier和Jest的Koa服务器的简单样板。 关于 与那里的其他一些Koa样板不同,该样板旨在简单,简约且合理。 Typescript,ESLint,Prettier和Jest准备就绪 Config具有.env文件支持 实施简单/health路线 您不需要保留任何东西,希望它为下一个Koa项目提供快速样板时可以节省您一些时间。 如果您认为需要改进,请提出要求或提出要求。 问题与错误 如果您找到任何内容,请报告以便将其压扁。 发展历程 安装和 。 在CLI中打开项目目录并运行
# @south-paw/koa-typescript ♨️ Simple boilerplate for a Koa server with Typescript, ESLint, Prettier and Jest. ## About Unlike some of the other Koa boilerplates out there, this one is intended to be simple, minimalistic and reasonably unopinionated. - Typescript, ESLint, Prettier and Jest are ready to roll - Config has `.env` file support - Simple `/health` route implemented You don't need to keep anything as you find it and hopefully it will save you a little time when you need a quick boilerplate for that next Koa project. If you think theres some kind of improvement to be made, please raise a ticket or make a pull request. ## Issues and Bugs If you manage to find any, please report them [here](https://github.com/South-Paw/react-vector-maps/issues) so they can be squashed. ## Development Install [`Node.js`](https://nodejs.org/) and [`Yarn`](https://yarnpkg.com). Open the project directory in your CLI and run the `yarn` command to install dependencies, after that you can run any of following commands ```bash # Runs all watch tasks (TypeScript, Node) yarn watch # Runs all watch tasks with --inspect flag yarn watch:debug # Runs ESLint on project files yarn lint # Runs tests using Jest yarn test # Runs tests in watch mode yarn test:watch # Build the app yarn build # Starts the built app with node yarn start # Starts the built app in watch mode yarn start:watch # Starts the built app in watch mode with --inspect flag yarn start:debug # Compile all source .ts files to .js files in the dist folder yarn ts # Compile in watch mode yarn ts:watch ``` ## License MIT, see the [LICENSE](./LICENSE) file.