mern-social-media-complete-project:一个基于MERN堆栈的社交媒体应用程序项目。 这是完全可行

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  • 2022-05-21 06:43
现代社会媒体完整项目 一个基于MERN堆栈的社交媒体应用程序项目。 这是完全可行的项目。 它是完全响应式的应用程序。 MongoDB Express React Redux NodeJs是该项目的用户。 此项目包含的功能: 用户功能: 注册和登录用户。 帖子图像可以使用相机或文件系统上传。 每页上的分页。 暗模式。 复制帖子的链接。 报告垃圾邮件。 通过用户名搜索其他用户。 用户建议菜单。 将所有帖子保存到收藏集。 保存的帖子页面。 删除帖子和评论。 包括管理面板。 浏览页面以查看随机用户的其他帖子。 通知页面。 个人资料页。 编辑个人资料页面的用户数据。 密码以盐的加密格式存储在数据库中。 创建和编辑帖子。 喜欢,评论,分享和编辑帖子。 帖子包括文字(标题)和图像。 对帖子发表评论。 回复评论。 像通勤者。 清除通知选项。 个人资料页面
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# mern-social-media-complete-project A MERN stack based project on social media application. It is completely working project. Its' completely responsive application. MongoDB Express React Redux NodeJs are user in this project. # Featurs included in this project: **user features:** - register and login users. - post images can be uploaded using camera or file system. - pagination on every pages. - Dark mode. - copy link of post. - report post for spam. - search other users by username. - user suggestions menu. - save any post to collection. - saved posts page. - delete posts and comments. - admin panel is included. - Explore page to view other posts by random users. - notifications page. - profile page. - edit profile page user data. - password is stored in database in encrypted format with salt. - create and edit posts. - like ,comment, share and edit posts. - posts include text(caption) and image(s). - comment on posts. - reply comments. - like commets. - clear notification option. - profile page shows user details and posts with following and followers menu. **Admin features:** - admin panel shows total number of post ,users,reported posts etc. - admin can create or assign other admin accounts. - admin can see posts reported by more than specified number of users. - admin can delete those reported posts. **What you need to run this application:** - Node - MongoDB or Mongo Atlas - Cloudinary account - NPM **How to run this application** 1. Make sure MongoDB is running on your system or online. 2. include MongoDB database link in .env file. 3. Add cloudinary data in /client/src/utils/imageUpload.js file. 4. Clone this repository 5. Open command line in the cloned folder, - To install dependencies for backend, run `npm install` in main folder. - To run backend type command `node server` in main folder. - To install dependencies for frontend , run `npm install` in `/client` folder. - To run frontend type command `npm start` in `/client` folder. 6. Open [localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000/) in the browser. **And application will be up and running.** **Here are some images of application:** ![login page]( ![admin panel]( ![profile page]( ![home page]( ![new post]( ![dark mode]( ![search users]( ![posts menu]( ![explore page](