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:waving_hand: GitHub的基础 :nerd_face: 课程概述和学习成果 本课程的目的是向您简要介绍GitHub。 我们还将为您提供进一步学习的材料和一些想法,以帮助您开始使用我们的平台。 Git和GitHub Git是一个分布式版本控制系统(VCS),可在您从事新软件开发项目时帮助跟踪更改。 Git会跟踪您所做的更改,因此您始终可以记录所做的工作,并且可以根据需要轻松地还原到旧版本的代码。 这也使与其他人的合作变得更加容易-一群人可以在同一个项目上一起工作,并将他们的更改合并到一个最终来源中! GitHub是一个协作平台。 从软件到法律文档,您都可以依靠GitHub来帮助您利用团队所需的协作和安全工具来尽力而为。 使用GitHub,您可以使项目完全不公开,邀请世界各地的人们进行协作,并简化项目的每个步骤。 GitHub还是一个功能强大的版本控制工具。 GitHub使用最流行的开源版本控制软件Git来跟踪
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# :wave: The Basics of GitHub ## 🤓 Course overview and learning outcomes The goal of this course is to give you a brief introduction to GitHub. We’ll also provide you with materials for further learning and a few ideas to get you started on our platform. ## :octocat: Git and GitHub **Git is a distributed Version Control System (VCS) that helps track changes as you work on new software development projects.** Git tracks the changes you make so you always have a record of what you’ve worked on and you can easily revert back to an older version of your code if need be. It also makes working with others easier—groups of people can work together on the same project and merge their changes into one final source! **GitHub is a collaboration platform.** From software to legal documents, you can count on GitHub to help you do your best work with the collaboration and security tools your team needs. With GitHub, you can keep projects completely private, invite the world to collaborate, and streamline every step of your project. **GitHub is also a powerful version control tool.** GitHub uses Git, the most popular open source version control software, to track every contribution and contributor to your project—so you know exactly where every line of code came from. **GitHub helps people do much more.** GitHub is used to build some of the most advanced technologies in the world. Whether you're visualizing data or building a new game, there's a whole community and set of tools on GitHub that can get you to the next step. This course starts with the basics, but we'll dig into the rest later. ## 💻 GitHub features ### Repositories A repository is where your project work happens. It contains all of your project’s files and revision history. You can work within a repository alone or invite others to collaborate with you on those files. As you work more on GitHub you will have many repositories. Use your GitHub dashboard to easily navigate to them. You must be logged in though! Repositories also contain README’s. You can add a README file to your repository to tell other people why your project is useful, what they can do with your project, and how they can use it. We are using this README to communicate how to learn Git and GitHub with you. :smile: To learn more about repositories read ["Creating, Cloning, and Archiving Repositories]( and ["About README's"]( ### Pull requests Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once a pull request is opened, you can discuss and review the potential changes with collaborators and add more changes if need be. Adding someone as a reviewer on your pull request is a signal to them that you want help or would like them to review the content. To learn more about pull request, read ["About Pull Requests"]( ### Issues Use issues to track enhancements, tasks, or bugs for your work on GitHub. Issues are a great way to keep track of all the tasks you want to work on for your project and let others know what you plan to work on. For larger projects, you can keep track of many issues on a project board. GitHub Projects help you organize and prioritize your work and you can read more about them [in this "About Project boards document]( Pull requests and issues can also be linked together! You can link a pull request to an issue to show that a fix is in progress and to automatically close the issue when someone merges the pull request. To learn more about issues and linking them to your pull requests, read ["About Issues"]( ### Your user profile Your profile page tells people the story of your work through the repositories you're interested in, the contributions you've made, and the conversations you've had. You can also give the world a unique view into who you are with your profile README. You can use your profile to let future employers know all about you! To learn more about your user profile and adding and updating your profile README, read ["Managing Your Profile README"]( ### Using markdown on GitHub You might have noticed already, but you can minimally style your issues, pull requests, and files (as long as they are .md format!). Using Markdown in your issues, pull requests, and files helps organize your information and make it easier for others to read. You can also drop in gifs and images to convey your point! To learn more about using GitHub’s flavor of markdown, read ["Basic Writing and Formatting Syntax"]( ### Engaging with the GitHub community The GitHub community is vast. There are many types of people who use GitHub in their day to day—students like you, professional developers, hobbyists working on open source projects, and explorers who are just jumping into the world of software development on their own. There are many ways you can interact with the larger GitHub community, but here are three places where you can start. #### Starring repositories If you find a repository interesting or you want to keep track of it, star it! When you star a repository it’s also used as a signal to surface better recommendations on If you’d like to get back to your starred repositories you can do so via your user profile. To learn more about starring repositories, read ["Saving Repositories with Stars"]( #### Following users You can follow people on GitHub to receive notifications about their activity and discover projects in their communities. When you follow a user, their public GitHub activity will show up on your dashboard so you can see all the cool things they are working on. To learn more about following users, read ["Following People"]( #### Browsing GitHub Explore GitHub Explore is a great place to do just that … explore :smile: You can find new projects, events, and developers to interact with. You can check out the GitHub Explore website [at]( The more you intereact with GitHub the more tailored your Explore view will be. ## :octocat: Understanding the GitHub flow The GitHub flow is a lightweight workflow that allows you to experiment with new ideas safely, without fear of compromising a project. ### Branching You can use branches on GitHub to isolate work that you do not want merged into your final project. Branches allow you to develop features, fix bugs, or safely experiment with new ideas in a contained area of your repository. You always create a branch from an existing branch. Typically, you might create a new branch from the default branch of your repository—`main`. Once your new changes have been reviewed by a teammate, or you are satisfied with them, you can merge your changes into the default branch of your repository. To learn more about branching, read ["About Branches"]( ### Cloning and forking When you create a repository it exists remotely outside of your local machine. You can clone a repository to create a local copy on your computer and then use Git to sync the two. You can clone a rep
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      用于在 Lerna monorepo 内同步分布式 GitHub 存储库的包。 用例 如果以下内容听起来很熟悉,那么lerna-sync可能会引起您的兴趣: 您正在构建大量包。 您正在使用 monorepo 来帮助管理您的所有包。 您确实需要 ...
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      Git是一个分布式版本控制系统(VCS),可在您从事新软件开发项目时帮助跟踪更改。 Git会跟踪您所做的更改,因此您始终可以记录所做的工作,并且可以根据需要轻松地还原到旧版本的代码。 这也使与其他人的合作变得...
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      作品集 一个面向学者的简单,干净且响应主题。...CMU PGM( S-19 ) CMU DeepRL( F-19 , S-20 , F-20 ) CMU MMML( F-20 ) CMU分布式系统( S-21 ) 会议与工作坊 ML回顾展(NeurIPS: 2019 , 2020
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      作品集 一个面向学者的简单,干净且响应主题。...CMU PGM( S-19 ),CMU DeepRL( F-19 , S-20 , F-20 ),CMU MMML( F-20 ),CMU分布式系统( S-21 ) 会议与工作坊 ML回顾展(NeurIPS: 2019 , 2020
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