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impress.js ============ It's a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind **WARNING** impress.js may not help you if you have nothing interesting to say ;) ABOUT THE NAME ---------------- impress.js name in [courtesy of @skuzniak]( It's an (un)fortunate coincidence that a Open/LibreOffice presentation tool is called Impress ;) VERSION HISTORY ----------------- ### 0.4.1 ([browse](, [zip](, [tar]( #### BUGFIX RELEASE Changes is version 0.4 introduced a bug causing JavaScript errors being thrown all over the place in fallback mode. This release fixes this issue. It also adds a flag `impress.supported` that can be used in JavaScript to check if impress.js is supported in the browser. ### 0.4 ([browse](, [zip](, [tar]( #### CHANGELOG * configuration options on `#impress` element: `data-perspective` (in px, defaults so 1000), `data-transition-duration` (in ms, defaults to 1000) * automatic scaling to fit window size, with configuration options: `data-width` (in px, defaults to 1024), `data-height` (in px, defaults to 768), `max-scale` (defaults to 1), `min-scale` (defaults to 0) * `goto` API function was renamed to `stepTo` because `goto` is a future reserved work in JavaScript, so **please make sure to update your code** * fallback `impress-not-supported` class is now set on `body` element instead of `#impress` element and it's replaced with `impress-supported` when browser supports all required features * classes `step-ID` used to indicate progress of the presentation are now renamed to `impress-on-ID` and are set on `body` element, so **please make sure to update your code** * basic validation of configuration options * couple of typos and bugs fixed * favicon added ;) #### UPGRADING FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS If in your custom JavaScript code you were using `goto()` function from impress.js API make sure to change it to `stepTo()`. If in your CSS you were using classes based on currently active step with `step-` prefix, such as `step-bored` (where `bored` is the id of the step element) make sure to change it to `impress-on-` prefix (for example `impress-on-bored`). Also in previous versions these classes were assigned to `#impress` element and now they are added to `body` element, so if your CSS code depends on this, it also should be updated. Same happened to `impress-not-supported` class name - it was moved from `#impress` element to `body`, so update your CSS if it's needed. #### NOTE ON BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK Changes and fixes added in this version have broken the experience on Blackberry Playbook with OS in version 1.0. It happened due to a bug in the Playbook browser in this version. Fortunately in version 2.0 of Playbook OS this bug was fixed and impress.js works fine. So currently impress.js work only on Blackberry Playbook with latest OS. Fortunately, [it seems that most of the users]( [are quite quick with updating their devices] ( ### 0.3 ([browse](, [zip](, [tar]( #### CHANGELOG * minor CSS 3D fixes * basic API to control the presentation flow from JavaScript * touch event support * basic support for iPad (iOS 5 and iOS 4 with polyfills) and Blackberry Playbook #### UPGRADING FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS Because API was introduced the way impress.js script is initialized was changed a bit. You not only has to include `impress.js` script file, but also call `impress()` function. See the source of `index.html` for example and more details. ### 0.2 ([browse](, [zip](, [tar]( * tutorial/documentation added to `index.html` source file * being even more strict with strict mode * code clean-up * couple of small bug-fixes ### 0.1 ([browse](, [zip](, [tar]( First release. Contains basic functionality for step placement and transitions between them with simple fallback for non-supporting browsers. HOW TO USE IT --------------- [Use the source](, Luke ;) If you have no idea what I mean by that, or you just clicked that link above and got very confused by all these strange characters that got displayed on your screen, it's a sign, that impress.js is not for you. Sorry. Fortunately there are some guys on GitHub that got quite excited with the idea of building editing tool for impress.js. Let's hope they will manage to do it. EXAMPLES AND DEMOS -------------------- ### Official demo [impress.js demo]( by [@bartaz]( ### Presentations [CSS 3D transforms]( from [meet.js summit]( by [@bartaz]( [What the Heck is Responsive Web Design]( by John Polacek [@johnpolacek]( [ presentation to Digibury]( by Stephen Fulljames [@fulljames]( [Data center virtualization with Wakame-VDC]( by Andreas Kieckens [@Metallion98](!/Metallion98) [Asynchronous JavaScript]( by Mariusz Nowak [@medikoo]( [Introduction to Responsive Design]( by Alec Rust [@alecrust] ( [Bonne année 2012]( by Edouard Cunibil [@DuaelFr]( [Careers in Free and Open Source Software]( by Exequiel Ceasar Navarrete [@ichigo1411]( [HTML5 Future : to infinity and beyond!]( by Sylvain Weber [@sylvainw]( ### Websites and portfolios []( by @lioshi []( by Al Ingham [@alingham]( []( by [@NiceShots]( [museum140]( Shorty Award promo video [entirely made with ImpressJS]( by [@thingsinjars]( []( by [@elecmal]( []( by Romain Wurtz If you have used impress.js in your presentation (or website) and would like to have it listed here, please contact me via GitHub or send me a pull request to updated `` file. WANT TO CONTRIBUTE? --------------------- If you've found a bug or have a great idea for new feature let me know by [adding your suggestion] ( to [issues list]( If you have fixed a bug or implemented a feature that you'd like to share, send your pull request against [dev branch] (http