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TimeLock(Chrome扩展程序) 受到启发。 在您拥有MIND之前,互联网就没有兴趣了。 漫不经心地浪费时间从来都不是一件有趣的事。 作为一个有思想的人,在进入任何网站之前,您应该三思而行。 然后,快速完成任务,或按计划进行娱乐。 但是,你们大多数人都不够注意。 当您被各种奇特的内容所吸引时,您的思想和时间将轻松飞走。 TimeLock将为您提供帮助,因为他们有头脑但不够头脑。 在进入任何有吸引力的网站之前,您必须三思而后行并估计所需的时间,这是您要注意的最后一秒钟。 然后,使用TimeLock设置时间限制,享受您无聊的时间。 时间到时,TimeLock将阻止该网页并尝试提醒您。 在打开应用程序之前问自己: 你为什么打开它? 你要花多长时间? 您还有其他选择吗? -何先生 浏览任何网站之前,上述三个问题也适用。 特征 自动网页监视,阻止,计时和取消阻止 自定义网站
# TimeLock (Chrome Extension) [中文 README](README.zh_CN.md) > Inspired by [Mr. He's video][mr_he_video]. Internet is NOT interesting before you have MIND. Wasting time mindlessly is never interesting. **_As a mindful person_**, you should think twice for what are supposed to be done before entering any website. Then, finish the task quickly, or entertain yourself with plan. **_However, most of you are not mindful enough_**. Your mind and time will easily fly away when you are attracted by all kinds of fancy contents. TimeLock will help you, who has mind but not mindful enough. Before entering any attractive website, you must think twice for what to do and estimate the time needed, that is the last second your are mindful. Then, set a time limit with TimeLock and enjoy your mindless time. TimeLock will block the webpage when time's up and try to remind you. > Ask yourself before opening an app: > > - Why do you open it? > - How long will you spend? > - Do you have any alternative to do? > > -- Mr. He Three questions above also applies before browsing any website. --- # Features - Automatic webpage monitoring, blocking, timing and unblocking - Customize website blacklist & whitelist - Functional popup - Countdown display - Stop timing earlier - Customize default unlock durations choices # Installation The extension haven't been published in Chrome Web Store. # Requirement Use the latest Chrome is always fine. I'm just too lazy to test capability on old version Chrome (XD). Capability on Chromium and Microsoft Edge (Chromium Kernel) haven't been tested. # Update - v0.2.0 - Support simplified Chinese (zh-CN) - Stop timing earlier manually - Display local storage usage - v0.1.2 - Customize website whitelist - v0.1.1 - Customize default unlock durations choices - v0.1.0 - Automatic webpage monitoring, blocking, timing and unblocking - Customize website blacklist - Countdown display # TODO - [ ] popup: add current website to blacklist - [ ] user manual - [ ] notification on ending time approaching - [ ] calm down time - [ ] customize monitor working days - [ ] display motto on blocking page - [ ] display mottos - [ ] option exporting & importing - [ ] option syncing - [ ] options: close website on time's up without showing time's up page - [x] selection page:set unlock time by ending point - [x] internationalization (at least zh-CN + en) - [x] refine README.md - [x] customize default unlock time - [x] acknowledgement in options page - [x] stop timer earlier manually - [x] monitor whitelist - [x] select time and unlock before entering website in blacklist (core function 1) - [x] customize blacklist (core function 2) - [x] popup: countdown display - [x] polish the extension icon - The functionalities that are unlikely to appear - [ ] limited local storage - [ ] set accumulated time limit - [ ] browsing history statistic [mr_he_channel]: https://www.youtube.com/c/hetongxue [mr_he_video]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCEjEkgU1AA [mr_he_app]: http://download.yitangyx.cn/test/student-he/new.html?202001
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