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CHANGES for LIRE ================ 2012-12-20 ========== - Release 2012-12-20 ========== - Added OpponentHistogram to ImageSearcherFactory and DocumentBuilderFactory. - Updated LireDemo to include Joint Histogram and Opponent Histogram. - Added JointOpponentHistogram, fooled around with fuzzy opponent histogram ... didn't work out well. 2012-12-12 ========== - changed Histogram abstract class member to double[] ... it's much faster on 64 bit systems running Java 1.7. - Changed BufferedImage convertImageToGrey(...) to faster version. - Change to use this method. - Cleaned up SimpleColorHistogram a bit. - Cleaned up AutoColorCorrelogram a bit. - Added OpponentHistogram with JSD as a distance function. - Checked for a way to re-implement Metric Spaces approach with Lucene: Currently there is no way as the TermPositions object has gone missing. Other ideas would be to integrate a new similarity based on footrule distance. Or: put it in a simple byte[] based text file ?!? 2012-12-12 ========== - Made CEDD faster. Packed two bins in one byte and extracted temp variables. - Performance updates on GenericFastImageSearcher. - Performance updates on GenericDocumentBuilder. - Found out that on the 64 bit VM double operations are faster than float ops. 2012-12-12 ========== - Added joint histogram class and added it to Searcher and Builder factories. - Fixed nasty bug in JSD implementation (operator priority in Java!) - Made JSD the default distance function in RGB color histogram. 2012-12-10 ========== - Test for LSH done and reported working. - New method in FileUtils to write a PNG from the results. 2012-12-06 ========== - Made SIFT BoVW work. 2012-11-30 ========== - Smaller bug fixes for Lucene 4.0 adoption 2012-11-29 ========== - Adoptions to src tree for Lucene 4.0 (BoVW). - Changes in VisualWordsTest to test indexing and search. - Changed SURF BoVW weighting scheme to BM-25 as default setting. - Found that SIFT doesn't work right now -> TODO! 2012-11-29 ========== - Adoptions to test src tree for Lucene 4.0 - Eliminating errors & optimizing routines - Added TestGeneral, confirmed global features, RerankFilter and LSAFilter working. - Added utility function for showing results in an image: FileUtils.saveImageResultsToPng(...) 2012-11-27 ========== - Adoptions to src tree for Lucene 4.0 2012-11-14 ========== - Adoptions to src tree for Lucene 4.0 2012-09-26 ========== - Released Lire 0.9.2 & LireDemo 0.9.2 2012-09-25 ========== - Fixed some bugs in LireDemo browse panel. 2012-08-07 ========== - Changed parameters in LireDemo 2012-08-06 ========== - Fixed performance Bug in GenericImageSearcher (new instance per document) - Added net.semanticmetadata.lire.utils.StatsUtils - Fixed nasty bug in KMeans implementation. 2012-07-23 ========== - Typo in net.semanticmetadata.lire.indexing.MetricSpacesInvertedListIndexing 2012-07-23 ========== - Updated libs in samples. - Updated build.xml - refactored name of surf visual words index field 2012-07-16 ========== - Updated Lucene to version 3.6 - Cleaned up directory structure and libraries 2012-02-28 ========== - Liredemo: Fixed bug in ParallelIndexer. - LireDemo release 0.9.1 2012-02-24 ========== - Added HashingUtils for simple Hashing 2012-02-22 ========== - Added fix for grey scale only images ready to use in 2012-02-21 ========== - Fixed MSER issues by implementing grey scale conversion & inversion myself. 2011-11-09 ========== - Optimized k-means to use float[] instead of Histogram removing unnecessary object overhead and memory usage - Added TopDocsImageSearcher to pre-filter based on lucene searches 2011-11-08 ========== - Updated to Lucene 3.4.0 2011-11-04 ========== - Added Method for document creation LocalFeatureHistogramBuilder to allow for queries based on documents not in the index. - Added to LireDemo to have a simple class for indexing without GUI - Added VisualWordsTest for testing new functions. 2011-10-24 ========== - Killed a nasty bug in, which had something to do with the hash values in Object comparison. 2011-10-18 ========== - Unified implementation for BoVW in package net.semanticmetadata.lire.imageanalysis.bovw; - Moved SIFT, SURF and MSER implementations there - Removed individual searchers for BoVW search, now all done with VisualWordsImageSearcher - added SURF BoVW to LireDemo - tested and fixed "indexMissing()" for BoVW - Added read only flag to index readers in lire demo to speed up things a little - Added progress indicator and prediction 2011-10-17 ========== - Parallelled histogram creation for SURF BoVWs 2011-10-13 ========== - Added ParallelKMeans for utilizing 4 Threads in the course of KMeans clustering - Utilized ParallelKMeans in SurfFeatureHistogramBuilder - Added SurfFeatureHistogramBuilder.indexMissing() for incremental index updates 2011-09-07 ========== - Liredemo: bugfix in submitted by Simon Micollier 2011-08-05 ========== - Added filter for LSA: LsaFilter - Cleaned up libraries, removed Jama in favour of commons-math - Updated commons-math and jopensurf libraries - Removed ImageJ library (with according source code changes) - Added test for LsaFilter - Liredemo: Added menu item to try out LsaFilter - Fixed RGB and HSV Quantization in SimpleColorHistogram, now it works fine. - Removed QuantizationUtils - Added formatting to TestWang - TODO: Create index manager for BoVW and metric spaces. 2011-08-04 ========== - Liredemo: Changed browsing behaviour and introduced image rendering component. - Liredemo: Added menu icons - Liredemo: Added documentation and donate links to help menu 2011-08-03 ========== - Fixed (most) deprecations coming from the switch to Lucene 3.3 - Added LuceneUtils as (i) a central place to configure the Lucene Version employed in Lire and LireDemo and (ii) as factory for the IndexWriter objects - Created filter interface and re-rank filter implementation - Liredemo: integrated re-ranking filter - deprecated CeddImageSearcher and CeddDocumentbuilder as they are no longer needed. 2011-08-02 ========== - Liredemo: new result list (grid view) - Liredemo: Menu for fast switch between descriptor (Alt-1 to Alt-9) - Liredemo: Re-worked set of descriptors - Liredemo: Fixed catch {} in ParallelIndexer that missed specific Exceptions, killed threads, and stopped indexing. - Liredemo: Fixed sync in ParallelIndexer to make it more understandable. - Added byte[] serialization to ScalableColor - Fixed bug in DocumentBuilderFactory - Fixed bug in TestImageSearcher - Fixed bug in byte[] serialization to ScalableColor 2011-08-01 ========== - Changed WhiteSpaceAnalyzer and SimpleAnalyzer to be constructed with version 3.3 (fix deprecation) - Changed new Field(...) constructor for byte[] fields (fix deprecation with Lucene 3.3) - Changed Document.getField(...) to Document.getFieldable(...) (fix deprecation with Lucene 3.3) - Fixed EdgeHistogram (byte[] serialization was not implemented) - Fixed: - String representation was created either way. - Updated CreateIndexTest to match the current Lire version. - Updated TestImageSearcher to match the current Lire version. - Updated TestWang to use the provided standard features. - Bug fixes in SimpleColorHistogram - Fix in GenericFastImageSearcher to make it faster (cached instance and less objects) 2011-07-29 ========== - Added loss less serialization to byte[] for doubles and longs - Implemented byte[] representation for JpegCoefficientHistogram - Added JCD feature to DocumentBuilderFactory and ImageSearcherFactory - Added JpegCoefficientHistogram feature to DocumentBuilderFactory and ImageSearcherFactory - Moved EdgeH
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