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Java(TM) Cryptography Extension Policy Files for the Java(TM) Platform, Standard Edition Runtime Environment README ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Import and export control rules on cryptographic software vary from country to country. The Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) architecture allows flexible cryptographic key strength to be configured via the jurisdiction policy files which are referenced by the "crypto.policy" security property in the <java-home>/conf/security/java.security file. By default, Java provides two different sets of cryptographic policy files: unlimited: These policy files contain no restrictions on cryptographic strengths or algorithms limited: These policy files contain more restricted cryptographic strengths These files reside in <java-home>/conf/security/policy in the "unlimited" or "limited" subdirectories respectively. Each subdirectory contains a complete policy configuration, and subdirectories can be added/edited/removed to reflect your import or export control product requirements. Within a subdirectory, the effective policy is the combined minimum permissions of the grant statements in the file(s) matching the filename pattern "default_*.policy". At least one grant is required. For example: limited = Export (all) + Import (limited) = Limited unlimited = Export (all) + Import (all) = Unlimited The effective exemption policy is the combined minimum permissions of the grant statements in the file(s) matching the filename pattern "exempt_*.policy". Exemption grants are optional. For example: limited = grants exemption permissions, by which the effective policy can be circumvented. e.g. KeyRecovery/KeyEscrow/KeyWeakening. Please see the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) documentation for additional information on these files and formats. YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT YOUR EXPORT/IMPORT CONTROL COUNSEL OR ATTORNEY TO DETERMINE THE EXACT REQUIREMENTS. Please note that the JCE for Java SE, including the JCE framework, cryptographic policy files, and standard JCE providers provided with the Java SE, have been reviewed and approved for export as mass market encryption item by the US Bureau of Industry and Security.
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      JDK是 Java 语言的软件开发工具包,主要用于移动设备、嵌入式设备上的java应用程序
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      jdk.rar java环境安装jdk.rar
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      JDK8.0是Java虚拟机的最新版本,加入了很多新的特性。Oracle甲骨文公司Oracle公司如期发布了Java 8正式版!现在你就可以下载Java 8正式版了,同期发布的还有JDK 8。JDK8的特性已经基本准备就绪,虽然一些特性还不是...
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      jdk 1.7.0 windos64位 仅供学习
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      jdk1.8 64位 官方正式版下载。 JDK详细介绍 JDK(Java Development Kit) 是 Java 语言的软件开发工具包(SDK)。 SE(J2SE),standard edition,标准版,是我们通常用的一个版本,从JDK 5.0开始,改名为Java SE。 EE...
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      JDK是Java语言的软件开发工具包,主要用于移动设备、嵌入式设备上的java应用程序。JDK是整个java开发的核心,它包含了JAVA的运行环境,JAVA工具和JAVA基础的类库。 JRE(Java Runtime Environment,Java运行环境)...
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