exp3d:太空射击游戏。 Android桌面版WebGL

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Exp3D 这是我在2013年在Android上发布的太空射击游戏的源代码。 它最初是一款仅限Android的游戏,我从2011年开始在业余时间从零开始编写游戏。 在开发过程中,添加了桌面支持( Windows / Linux / Mac ),然后通过转编译为纯Javascript来添加WebGL端口。 这是游戏的完整源代码,包括资产(由于许可问题而产生的一些音乐以及一些应用内购买/分析代码被忽略)。 执照 所有程序源代码均在GPL下发布。 但是游戏资产(精灵,图像,声音效果...)仍然是专有的,出于礼貌,此处仅出于教育目的将它们包括在内。 请注意,由于限制性许可问题,我无法自己重新分发BGM原始歌曲,因此它们被占位符文件替换。 简而言之:您可以自由学习和使用源代码,但不允许重新分发Exp3D的重新编译版本。 细节 Exp3D的所有代码都是从头开始编写的。 游戏运行在我编写的简约多平
# Exp3D [![banner](/media/thumbnail2.png)](http://www.breakingbyte.com/exp3d/) [![WebGL Live Demo](/media/play-webgl.png)](http://www.breakingbyte.com/exp3d/demo/)         [![Google Play](/media/get-it-on-google-play.png)](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.breakingbyte.exp3d)         [![Website](/media/breaking-byte-site.png)](http://www.breakingbyte.com/exp3d/) This is the source code of the game **[Exp3D](http://www.breakingbyte.com/exp3d/)**, a space shooter I released on Android in 2013. It started out as an Android-only game I began writing from scratch back in 2011, in my free time. During the development, desktop support (*Windows/Linux/Mac*) was added, followed by a *WebGL* port by transcompiling to pure Javascript. Here is the complete source code of the game, including the assets (with the exception of some music due to licensing issues and some in-app purchase/analytics code left out). ## License All the program source code is released under GPL. But the game assets (sprites, images, sound effects...) remain proprietary, they are included here as a courtesy, for educational purposes only. Note that due to restrictive licensing issues, I cannot myself redistribute the original BGM songs so they are replaced with placeholder files. In short: ***you are free to study and play with the source code but you are not allowed to redistribute a recompiled version of Exp3D***. ## Details All the code of Exp3D was written from scratch. The game runs on top of a minimalistic multiplatform framework I wrote. The source is entirely in Java, there is no "native" code included. The main loop doesn't perform any dynamic allocation to maintain a constant 60FPS with 0 GC pauses, this was achieved by relying heavily on object pooling. 95% of the code is written on top of this framework and thus is shared between the different platforms. The rendering engine can run on either a fixed-pipeline (OpenGL ES 1.1) or a programmable-pipeline (OpenGL ES 2.0, WebGL). ![architecture](/media/exp3d-architecture-diagram.png) ## Compiling There are 3 Eclipse projects in the repository: - **Exp3D** *for Android* - **Exp3DDesktop** *for the desktop (Windows/Linux/Mac)* - **Exp3DGWT** *for the Javascript + WebGL version* ### Android The project **Exp3D** is self-contained and doesn't require any external code or library. If you have the Android SDK installed with Eclipse, simply open the project in Eclipse and do `Run As Android Application`. Note: you need an Android SDK with API level 17 (Android 4.2) or newer to compile the game. The APK generated is still compatible down to Android 2.2 thanks to version check at runtime. (The game could actually run on an old Android 1.6 with a bit of tuning.) ### Desktop First you need to make Eclipse aware of the [JOGL library](http://jogamp.org/jogl/www/), it is the only external library required to make Exp3D run. Download the JOGL version corresponding to your OS and add it to Eclipse as a user library under the name `jogl`. ([more details here](http://jogamp.org/wiki/index.php/Setting_up_a_JogAmp_project_in_your_favorite_IDE)) The **Exp3D** Android project is referenced by the desktop project so make sure you imported it in Eclipse first. Then import the **Exp3DDesktop** project in Eclipse and simply run the class `com.breakingbyte.wrap.DesktopApplication` to start the game. ### Web The Java code is actually transcompiled to Javascript using [GWT](http://www.gwtproject.org/). First install the GWT plugin for Eclipse (it now appears to be contained into the *[Google Plugin](https://developers.google.com/eclipse/)*). The version supported by the current code is GWT 2.6.0. Make sure the the **Exp3DDesktop** project is open in Eclipse, even if not all of its dependencies are installed. Run once the class `com.breakingbyte.wrap.SynchronizeGWT`, this copies and pre-processes some assets to optimize them for the web. Import the **Exp3DGWT** project into Eclipse and do `Google → GWT Compile`. You can now open the web page `war/Exp3DGWT.html` and the game will start.