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ADA Design-文件| 阿尔法前 重要说明: 处于早期开发中,在我们达到生产版本之前,某些事情可能会发生变化。 该项目正在进行中。 是一个React UI套件,用于在Web上构建令人难以置信的产品,为旨在开发完全可访问的应用程序的开发人员提供身临其境的体验。 核心Struts 的构建考虑了一些我们认为对成功图书馆至关重要的核心Struts。 灵活性 我们知道NPM上已经有几个库提供了很棒的功能和无可挑剔的设计-并且我们必须诚实地说他们正在对它们做得很出色-但是我们希望在其中做得更多它。 我们想要创建一个UI工具包,其中混合了这些库中存在的所有出色组件/设计,而且还具有可访问性棉绒可以为您提供的所有功能-最好是,所有与您的UI完全交互的东西。 使用 ,您将能够利用库中已内置的多个UI组件的优势,这些组件旨在使我们能够更快地构建您的页面并提高其ADA得分。 而且,如果您要使用自己的组
# ADA Design - Doc | PRE-ALPHA **Important:** [**ADA Design**]( is in early development, and some things may change before we hit production version. This project is a work-in-progress. --- [**ADA Design**]( is a React UI kit for building incredible products on the web, providing an immersive experience for developers that aims to develop a fully accessible application. --- <div align="center"> <a href="" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <img src="" alt="[**ADA Design**]( image with a preview related to our UI-kit."> <br> <br> <br> </div> ## Documentation - [Documentation]( - [Getting Started]( - [GitHub Discussions]( ## Core Pillars [**ADA Design**]( is being built taking into accountancy some core pillars we believe are essential for a successful library. ### Flexibility We are aware that there're already several libraries available on NPM that provide awesome features and impeccable designs - and we need to be honest in saying that they're doing an awesome job with them - but we wanted to go a little bit further with it. We wanted to create a UI kit that mixes all the awesome components/designs present on these libraries but also with all the power that an accessibility lint can provide you - and, what's best, everything fully interactive with your UI. Using [**ADA Design**](, you are going to be able to take the advantage of several UI components already built-in in the library that aims to allow us to build your pages faster and improve the ADA score of it. And, if you want to use your own component or some others provided by another library, there is no problem -- You can take advantage of our interactive accessibility analyses even with components that were not built by us. ### Design focused but no limits We know that when we're trying to build websites quickly, it's pretty useful to use all the components already built-in in the library and take advantage of its design. So, thinking about this, one of our core beliefs is that we need to be design-focused. So you can expect us to provide components with better design quality. On the other hand, we also know that for larger projects we're tended to use custom designs. Using [**ADA Design**]( we won't face any limitations regarding it. We provide you an awesome design that you can use but you have all the freedom to customize it and use it the way you believe that's better for your project. [**ADA Design**]( is built on the belief that using Evergreen and contributing to [**ADA Design**]( should be a pleasant experience. We prioritize documentation and all the tools for a solid developer experience. ## Contributors Feel free to make some contributions 馃弲! - Rafael Camara This project is maintained by [Aimbly]( ## License [**ADA Design**]( is released under the MIT license. Copyright 漏 2021 [Aimbly](, Inc.