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HPE存储容器编排器文档 这是的源文件。 有关HPE Storage Container Orchestration集成的所有内容的参考文档,包括Docker,Kubernetes及其派生产品。 建立,编辑和预览 在考虑向SCOD捐款之前,请确保您同意Hewlett Packard Enterprise的和。 分叉并克隆它。 git clone< your>/scod cd scod SCOD使用 1.0.4。 确保您已预安装Python(带有pip ),然后安装mkdocs以及所需的插件。 pip install -r requirements.txt 在处理本地副本时,启动MkDocs的本地实例。 mkdocs serve MkDocs现在正在监听。 所有文档都保存在。 您所做的修改应
# HPE Storage Container Orchestrator Documentation This is the source files for []( The reference documentation for all things HPE Storage Container Orchestration integration, including Docker, Kubernetes, and their derives. ![Action: Publish docs via GitHub Pages]( # Build, edit and preview Before considering contributions to SCOD, ensure you agree with the [license](docs/legal/license/ and [contribution guidelines](docs/legal/contributing/ established by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Fork [this repository]( and clone it. ``` git clone< your username or organization >/scod cd scod ``` SCOD uses [MkDocs]( 1.0.4. Ensure you have Python (with `pip`) preinstalled, then install `mkdocs` along with the required plugins. ``` pip install -r requirements.txt ``` Startup a local instance of MkDocs while working on your local copy. ``` mkdocs serve ``` MkDocs is now listening on []( All the documentation lives in [docs](docs). Your edits should immediately reload the web browser. Adding navigation is done by adding leaves in `mkdocs.yml`. Adding a new top leaf require organizing the markdown files in subfolder under docs. Images and other binary assets should live in [docs/img](docs/img) and follow the leaf, i.e an image that belongs to [docs/legal/license/](docs/legal/license/ should be placed in [docs/legal/license/img](docs/legal/license/img) to be easily referenced from the markdown file with relative links, `img/asset.png`. Once edits are done, commit and push your branch (don't forget the sign-off, see [contributing](docs/legal/contributing/ and submit a [pull request]( (PR). # Style guides The goal is to try to keep content as cohesive as possible. Some old sources may require some refactoring to fit into the MkDocs styles we adopt. ## Embedding objects Using external sources such as YouTube and Asciinema is encouraged. Here are a few hints on how to get the best results. ### YouTube Figure out the video ID of the video you want to embed. It's the `v` variable in the URL of the YouTube video. Let's assume the source has a 16:9 aspect ratio. Pay attention to the `width` and `height`. Replace the `<VIDEO ID>` string with the video you would like to embed. ``` <iframe width="696" height="392" src="<VIDEO ID>" frameborder="2" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> ``` **Note:** Make sure the video is "embeddable" (hit play in your local rendering). ### Asciinema Set the column width of your terminal to 96 columns. Copy & paste the embed code straight from (click "Share" on the recording and copy "Embed the player"). It should look like this: ``` <script id="asciicast-236786" src="" async></script> ``` ## Admonitions Adding Spinx-style exclamations into the docs is encouraged to emphasize a point in a paragraph. Triple bangs will be translated to an admonition block. ``` !!! note This is my note! ``` It's also possible to create your own header. ``` !!! note "Did you know?" Admonitions are cool! ``` There are four different types of blocks that are mapped by the following keywords: * Blue: `note`, `seealso` * Green: `tip`, `hint`, `important` * Orange: `warning`, `caution` * Purple: `danger`, `error` ## Fenced code blocks All code blocks need to be labeled by language or style. MkDocs is not very clever to fall back to plain text; if the code block doesn't render properly, use `text` for red text and `markdown` for black text. Start fenced code blocks like this: ``` ```json { "key": "value" } ``` ## Fenced code tabs It's common that different incarnations of a certain command or manifest is unique to a situation where a single variable may differ. This is tedious to point out with a code block in an efficient manner as users most likely want to copy and paste the code block into a terminal. Using the `markdown-fenced-code-tabs` plugin, it's possible to "stack" code blocks on top of each other and they will appear as tabs when rendered in MkDocs. Example: ``` ```json fct_label="Kubernetes 1.18" { "version": "1.18" "dosomestuff": { "key": "val" } } ``` ``` ```json fct_label="Kubernetes 1.17 { "version": "1.17", "dostuff": { "key": "val" } } ``` There should be an example of this [here]( # Get in touch The HPE storage team hangs out on []( (sign up [here]( if you don't have an address) in #kubernetes and their respective product channels, like #nimblestorage. Feel free to reach out to us there or simply file an [issue](// if you have any questions. We appreciate your support and contributions!
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