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WooAlipay plugin WooAlipay plugin
# Payment gateway for WooCommerce - Woo Alipay * [General Description](#user-content-general-description) * [Requirements](#user-content-requirements) * [Overview](#user-content-overview) * [Settings](#user-content-settings) * [Gateway settings](#user-content-gateway-settings) * [Gateway configuration help](#user-content-gateway-configuration-help) * [Configuration process overview](#user-content-configuration-process-overview) * [Register features, website URL and callback](#user-content-register-features-website-url-and-callback) * [Key management](#user-content-key-management ) * [Templates](#user-content-templates) ## General Description Woo Alipay adds an Alipay China payment gateway to WooCommerce-powered websites. This Mainland China gateway allows customers to pay both in mobile browsers or from their computer. ### Requirements * A [China Mainland Alipay merchant account](https://b.alipay.com/). * The Payment products "支付产品" Computer website payment "电脑网站支付" and Mobile website payment "手机网站支付" enabled. ### Overview This plugin adds the following major features to WooCommerce: * **Payment of WooCommerce orders in mobile web browser app:** calls the Alipay mobile app for a seamless experience. * **Payment of WooCommerce orders standard in web browser:** authentication performed via credentials or QR code on desktop/laptop. * **Refund of WooCommerce orders:** possibility to refund orders manually in a few clicks, and support for automatic refund in case the transaction failed. * **Multi-currency support:** using an exchange rate against Chinese Yuan configured in the settings. Compatible with [WooCommerce Multilingual](https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-multilingual/), [WPML](http://wpml.org/), [Ultimate Member](https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-member/), and any caching plugin compatible with WooCommerce. ## Settings The settings below are added to WooCommerce and WP Weixin when the plugin is active. ### Gateway settings The following settings can be accessed in WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Alipay: | Name | Type | Description | | --------------------------------------- |:--------:| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Enable/Disable | checkbox | Used to enable/disable the payment gateway. | | Checkout page title | text | Title displayed for the payment gateway on the checkout page. | | Checkout page description | text | Description displayed for the payment gateway on the checkout page. | | Alipay App ID | text | The App ID found in Alipay Open Platform. | | Alipay public key | textarea | The Alipay public key generated in the Alipay Open Platform ("支付宝公钥"). | | Alipay Merchant application private key | textarea | The private key generated with the provided Alipay tool application or the `openssl` command line.<br/>This key is secret and is not recorded in Alipay Open Platform - **DO NOT SHARE THIS VALUE WITH ANYONE**.| | Sandbox | checkbox | If checked, Run Alipay in sandbox mode, with the settings found in [https://openhome.alipay.com/platform/appDaily.htm](https://openhome.alipay.com/platform/appDaily.htm). | | Exchange Rate | number | Exchange rate against Chinese Yuan (shows if the store currency is not set to Chinese Yuan) | ## Gateway configuration help ### Configuration process overview * Go to the [Alipay Open Platform](https://openhome.alipay.com/platform/developerIndex.htm) and log in. * If necessary, create a new app by following the options under the create application "创建应用" menu: website & mobile application "网页&移动应用" > payment access "支付接入". The application type "应用类型" should be web page application "网页应用" and the website URL "网址url" should be `https://[[your-homepage-url]]` where `[[your-homepage-url]]` is the home URL of your website. Creating an app will require one or two working day(s) audit of your website content by Alipay. * Once the app is created, go to the app information page - accessible directly via `https://openhome.alipay.com/platform/appManage.htm#/app/[[YOUR_APP_ID]]/appInfo` (replace `[[YOUR_APP_ID]]` with the App ID to be used by Woo Alipay). * Activate payment features and configure the app with the gateway information (see ["Register features, website URL and callback"](#user-content-register-features-website-url-and-callback) below). * If necessary, generate the application public and private keys, register the application public key in the Alipay Open Platform, and generate the Alipay public key (see ["Key management"](#user-content-key-management) below). * Fill in the configuration fields below. ### Register features, website URL and callback To communicate with the payment gateway, Alipay needs some features activated, to know your website URL, and to be aware of the WooCommerce gateway callback endpoint. * Go to the app overview page - accessible via `https://openhome.alipay.com/platform/appManage.htm#/app/[[YOUR_APP_ID]]/overview` (replace `[[YOUR_APP_ID]]` with the App ID to be used by Woo Alipay). * Click the add feature button "添加功能" and add the computer website payment "电脑网站支付" and the mobile website payment "手机网站支付" features - these features need to have been activated beforehand (process not describe in this guide - see the Payment products "支付产品" [Computer website payment "电脑网站支付"](https://b.alipay.com/signing/productDetailV2.htm?productId=I1011000290000001000) and [Mobile website payment "手机网站支付"](https://b.alipay.com/signing/productDetailV2.htm?productId=I1011000290000001001)). * Go to the app information page - accessible via `https://openhome.alipay.com/platform/appManage.htm#/app/[[YOUR_APP_ID]]/appInfo` (replace `[[YOUR_APP_ID]]` with the App ID to be used by Woo Alipay). * Click the setup link "设置" (or modify link "修改") of the application gateway "应用网关" field. * In the application gateway "应用网关" modal, enter `https://[[your-domain.com]]` (replace `[[your-domain.com]]` with the domain or subdomain running WordPress and Woo Alipay) and click the confirm "确定" button. * Click the setup link "设置" (or modify link "修改") of the authorization callback address "授权回调地址" field. * In the authorization callback address "授权回调地址" modal, enter `https` in the callback address type "回调地址类型" field, `https://[[your-homepage-url]]/wc-api/WC_Alipay/]]` in the callback address "
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