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chisel, 凿子是LLDB命令的集合,用来帮助调试iOS应用程序 凿Chisel 是 LLDB 命令的集合,用于调试iOS应用程序。[ Installation • Commands • Custom Commands • Development Workflow Contributing • Lic
# Chisel `Chisel` is a collection of `LLDB` commands to assist in the debugging of iOS apps. [[Installation](#installation) &bull; [Commands](#commands) &bull; [Custom Commands](#custom-commands) &bull; [Development Workflow](#development-workflow) [Contributing](#contributing) &bull; [License](#license)] For a comprehensive overview of LLDB, and how Chisel complements it, read Ari Grant's [Dancing in the Debugger — A Waltz with LLDB]( in issue 19 of []( ## Installation ```shell brew update brew install chisel ``` if `.lldbinit` file doesn't exist you can create it & open it by tapping on the terminal ```shell touch .lldbinit open .lldbinit ``` Then add the following line to your `~/.lldbinit` file. ```Python # ~/.lldbinit ... command script import /usr/local/opt/chisel/libexec/ ``` Alternatively, download chisel and add the following line to your _~/.lldbinit_ file. ```Python # ~/.lldbinit ... command script import /path/to/ ``` The commands will be available the next time `Xcode` starts. ## Commands There are many commands; here's a few: *(Compatibility with iOS/Mac indicated at right)* |Command |Description |iOS |OS X | |-----------------|----------------|-------|-------| |pviews |Print the recursive view description for the key window.|Yes|Yes| |pvc |Print the recursive view controller description for the key window.|Yes|No| |visualize |Open a `UIImage`, `CGImageRef`, `UIView`, `CALayer`, `NSData` (of an image), `UIColor`, `CIColor`, or `CGColorRef` in on your Mac.|Yes|No| |fv |Find a view in the hierarchy whose class name matches the provided regex.|Yes|No| |fvc |Find a view controller in the hierarchy whose class name matches the provided regex.|Yes|No| |show/hide |Show or hide the given view or layer. You don't even have to continue the process to see the changes!|Yes|Yes| |mask/unmask |Overlay a view or layer with a transparent rectangle to visualize where it is.|Yes|No| |border/unborder |Add a border to a view or layer to visualize where it is.|Yes|Yes| |caflush |Flush the render server (equivalent to a "repaint" if no animations are in-flight).|Yes|Yes| |bmessage |Set a symbolic breakpoint on the method of a class or the method of an instance without worrying which class in the hierarchy actually implements the method.|Yes|Yes| |wivar |Set a watchpoint on an instance variable of an object.|Yes|Yes| |presponder |Print the responder chain starting from the given object.|Yes|Yes| |... |... and many more!| To see the list of **all** of the commands execute the help command in `LLDB` or go to the [Wiki]( ```Python (lldb) help The following is a list of built-in, permanent debugger commands: ... The following is a list of your current user-defined commands: ... ``` The bottom of the list will contain all of the commands sourced from `Chisel`. You can also inspect a specific command by passing its name as an argument to the help command (as with all other `LLDB` commands). ``` (lldb) help border Draws a border around <viewOrLayer>. Color and width can be optionally provided. Arguments: <viewOrLayer>; Type: UIView*; The view to border. Options: --color/-c <color>; Type: string; A color name such as 'red', 'green', 'magenta', etc. --width/-w <width>; Type: CGFloat; Desired width of border. Syntax: border [--color=color] [--width=width] <viewOrLayer> ``` All of the commands provided by `Chisel` come with verbose help. Be sure to read it when in doubt! ## Custom Commands You can add local, custom commands. Here's a contrived example. ```python #!/usr/bin/python # Example file with custom commands, located at /magical/commands/ import lldb import fblldbbase as fb def lldbcommands(): return [ PrintKeyWindowLevel() ] class PrintKeyWindowLevel(fb.FBCommand): def name(self): return 'pkeywinlevel' def description(self): return 'An incredibly contrived command that prints the window level of the key window.' def run(self, arguments, options): # It's a good habit to explicitly cast the type of all return # values and arguments. LLDB can't always find them on its own. lldb.debugger.HandleCommand('p (CGFloat)[(id)[(id)[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow] windowLevel]') ``` Then all that's left is to source the commands in lldbinit. `Chisel` has a python function just for this, _loadCommandsInDirectory_ in the _fblldb.py_ module. ```Python # ~/.lldbinit ... command script import /path/to/ script fblldb.loadCommandsInDirectory('/magical/commands/') ``` There's also builtin support to make it super easy to specify the arguments and options that a command takes. See the _border_ and _pinvocation_ commands for example use. ## Development Workflow Developing commands, whether for local use or contributing to `Chisel` directly, both follow the same workflow. Create a command as described in the [Custom Commands](#custom-commands) section and then 1. Start `LLDB` 2. Reach a breakpoint (or simply pause execution via the pause button in `Xcode`'s debug bar or `process interrupt` if attached directly) 3. Execute `command source ~/.lldbinit` in LLDB to source the commands 4. Run the command you are working on 5. Modify the command 6. Optionally run `script reload(modulename)` 7. Repeat steps 3-6 until the command becomes a source of happiness ## Contributing Please contribute any generic commands that you make. If it helps you then it will likely help many others! :D See `` to learn how to contribute. ## License `Chisel` is MIT-licensed. See `LICENSE`.
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