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它是由Moviquity创建的,基于Workpad项目中的研究,它提供了C#代码以部署带有协议OLSR的MANET(Ad-Hoc,Meshnet)。 为WM 6,Win XP开发,并且可以使用NET Framework和Compact适应其他平台
WINDOWS MOBILE OLSR DAEMON DEVELOPED by MOVIQUITY. Developers: Jose Manuel Lopez Alberto Martinez Francisco Abril Contributors: Victor Gras Jesus Javier Rodriguez Testers: Daniel Rodriguez Pages Workpad Team The project Windows Mobile OLSR Demon created by the Moviquity company and based on studies funded within the European project Workpad, offers a free code under license GPL v3 with which any developer will be able to deploy a MANET (AD-HOC Network, Meshnet) with protocol OLSR. The project has been developed for Windows Mobile 6, Windows XP and can be adapted to other platforms that have the NET Framework or Compact Framework with some restrictions. The project developed completely by Moviquity in C# is mostly compatible with the project . The initial project is shaped by a beta version for daemon OLSR libraries and a beta version of an emulator OLSR. Like free code, it is open to modifications that will be welcomes for the continuity of the project. -------------- INSTALLATION ------------------------ In order to use this SW in your PDAs you will need some requirements: 1. Create a new project for Windows Mobile / Smart Device and import all the source code. 2. Download and install OPENNETCF.NET.dll You need this library in order to discover the local IP. (We will improve the SW in order to avoid the use of this Library) 3. You need Windows Mobile 5 or higher. 4. routewin.dll (Provide with the project /lib, it must be copy in the folder where you install the SW) (The source code will be upload in the next version) 5. This new version offers the option to execute the aplication in english language or italian, in order to use this option is necessary to copy Languaje.xml file in the project folder. 6. In order to test the SW correctly you must to establish and ADHOC WIFI NETWORK with at least 3 PDAs. 7. To start application in test mode, is necessary a "blockedIPs.txt" file in application directory. In this file you must add the IP address of the nodes that are ignored. If you add more than one IP address in this file you should to separate by comma "," ************ PROVIDE YOUR COMMENTS OR DUDES TO or post in the forums.
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