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If you’ve already learned the basics of Swift and iOS programming, it’s time to take your skills to the next level. In this follow up work to the best-selling Beginning iPhone Development with Swift, you’ll learn tips for organizing and debugging Swift code, using multi-threaded programming with Grand Central Dispatch, passing data between view controllers, and designing apps for multiple languages. You’ll also see how to play audio and video files, access the camera and save pictures to the Photos library, use location services to pinpoint your position on a map, display web pages, and create animation to spice up any user interface. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Apple’s advanced frameworks for machine learning, facial and text recognition, and creating augmented reality apps. Pro iPhone Development with Swift 5 provides insightful instruction on how to improve your existing apps or create powerful new iOS apps using the latest version of the Swift programming language. What You Will Learn Save and retrieve data when apps close or get pushed in the background Recognize speech with Apple’s advanced frameworks Create augmented reality apps Understand spoken commands with Siri Who This Book is For Aspiring iOS app developers familiar with the Apple Swift programming language and/or the iOS SDK, but ready to move to the next level.
  • Apress.Pro.iPhone.Development.with.Swift.5.2nd.Edition.1484249437.pdf
  • Apress.Pro.iPhone.Development.with.Swift.5.2nd.Edition.1484249437.epub
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