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域事件包 Symfony的DDD域事件,具有基于Doctrine的事件存储。 使用此程序包,您可以从域模型内调度域事件,以便将它们与聚合持久化在同一事务中。 然后,这些事件在使用Symfony的事件侦听器发布kernel.TERMINATE事件。 这样可以确保交易的一致性,并确保通过发件箱模式进行交付。 需要Symfony 4.4或Symfony 5.x 安装 composer require headsnet/domain-events-bundle (有关先决条件,请参见下面的) 域事件类 域事件类必须使用聚合的根ID实例化。 您可以根据需要向构造函数添加其他参数。 use Headsnet \ DomainEventsBundle \ Domain \ Model \ DomainEvent ; use Headsnet \ DomainEventsBundle \
# Domain Event Bundle [![Build Status](]( [![Latest Stable Version](](// [![Total Downloads](](// [![License](](// DDD Domain Events for Symfony, with a Doctrine based event store. This package allows you to dispatch domain events from within your domain model, so that they are persisted in the same transaction as your aggregate. These events are then published using a Symfony event listener in the `kernel.TERMINATE` event. This ensures transactional consistency and guaranteed delivery via the Outbox pattern. _Requires Symfony 4.4, or Symfony 5.x_ ### Installation ```bash composer require headsnet/domain-events-bundle ``` (see [Messenger Component](#messenger-component) below for prerequisites) ### The Domain Event Class A domain event class must be instantiated with an aggregate root ID. You can add other parameters to the constructor as required. ```php use Headsnet\DomainEventsBundle\Domain\Model\DomainEvent; use Headsnet\DomainEventsBundle\Domain\Model\Traits\DomainEventTrait; final class DiscountWasApplied implements DomainEvent { use DomainEventTrait; public function __construct(string $aggregateRootId) { $this->aggregateRootId = $aggregateRootId; $this->occurredOn = (new \DateTimeImmutable)->format(DateTime::ATOM); } } ``` ### Recording Events Domain events should be dispatched from within your domain model - i.e. from directly inside your entities. Here we record a domain event for entity creation. It is then automatically persisted to the Doctrine `event` database table in the same database transaction as the main entity is persisted. ```php use Headsnet\DomainEventsBundle\Domain\Model\ContainsEvents; use Headsnet\DomainEventsBundle\Domain\Model\RecordsEvents; use Headsnet\DomainEventsBundle\Domain\Model\Traits\EventRecorderTrait; class MyEntity implements ContainsEvents, RecordsEvents { use EventRecorderTrait; public function __construct(PropertyId $uuid) { $this->uuid = $uuid; // Record a domain event $this->record( new DiscountWasApplied($uuid->asString()) ); } } ``` Then, in `kernel.TERMINATE` event, a listener automatically publishes the domain event on to the `messenger.bus.event` event bus for consumption elsewhere. ### Amending domain events Even though events should be treated as immutable, it might be convenient to add or change meta data before adding them to the event store. Before a domain event is appended to the event store, the standard Doctrine event store emits a `PreAppendEvent` Symfony event, which can be used e.g. to set the actor ID as in the following example: ```php use App\Entity\User; use Headsnet\DomainEventsBundle\Doctrine\Event\PreAppendEvent; use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface; use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Security; final class AssignDomainEventUser implements EventSubscriberInterface { private Security $security; public function __construct(Security $security) { $this->security = $security; } public static function getSubscribedEvents(): array { return [ PreAppendEvent::class => 'onPreAppend' ]; } public function onPreAppend(PreAppendEvent $event): void { $domainEvent = $event->getDomainEvent(); if (null === $domainEvent->getActorId()) { $user = $this->security->getUser(); if ($user instanceof User) { $domainEvent->setActorId($user->getId()); } } } } ``` ### Deferring Events Into The Future If you specify a future date for the `DomainEvent::occurredOn` the event will not be published until this date. This allows scheduling of tasks directly from within the domain model. #### Replaceable Future Events If an event implements `ReplaceableDomainEvent` instead of `DomainEvent`, recording multiple instances of the same event for the same aggregate root will overwrite previous recordings of the event, as long as it is not yet published. For example, say you have an aggregate _Booking_, which has a future _ReminderDue_ event. If the booking is then modified to have a different date/time, the reminder must also be modified. By implementing `ReplaceableDomainEvent`, you can simply record a new _ReminderDue_ event, and providing that the previous _ReminderDue_ event had not been published, it will be removed and superseded by the new _ReminderDue_ event. ### Event dispatching By default only the DomainEvent is dispatched to the configured event bus. You can overwrite the default event dispatcher with your own implementation to annotate the message before dispatching it, e.g. to add an envelope with custom stamps. Example: ```yaml services: headsnet_domain_events.domain_event_dispatcher_service: class: App\Infrastructure\DomainEventDispatcher ``` ```php class PersonCreated implements DomainEvent, AuditableEvent { … } ``` ```php class DomainEventDispatcher implements \Headsnet\DomainEventsBundle\EventSubscriber\DomainEventDispatcher { private MessageBusInterface $eventBus; public function __construct(MessageBusInterface $eventBus) { $this->eventBus = $eventBus; } public function dispatch(DomainEvent $event): void { if ($event instanceof AuditableEvent) { $this->eventBus->dispatch( new Envelope($event, [new AuditStamp()]) ); } else { $this->eventBus->dispatch($event); } } } ``` ### Messenger Component By default, the bundle expects a message bus called `messenger.bus.event` to be available. This can be configured using the bundle configuration - see [Default Configuration](#default-configuration). ```yaml framework: messenger: … buses: messenger.bus.event: # Optional default_middleware: allow_no_handlers ``` [Symfony Messenger/Multiple Buses]( ### Doctrine The bundle will create a database table called `event` to persist the events in before dispatch. This allows a permanent record of all events raised. The `StoredEvent` entity also tracks whether each event has been published to the bus or not. Finally, a Doctrine DBAL custom type called `datetime_immutable_microseconds` is automatically registered. This allows the StoredEvent entity to persist events with microsecond accuracy. This ensures that events are published in the exact same order they are recorded. ### Default Configuration ```yaml headsnet_domain_events: message_bus: name: messenger.bus.event ``` ### Contributing Contributions are welcome. Please submit pull requests with one fix/feature per pull request. Composer scripts are configured for your convenience: ``` > composer test # Run test suite > composer cs # Run coding standards checks > composer cs-fix # Fix coding standards violations > composer static # Run static analysis with Phpstan ```
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