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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <lang> <ok value="OK"/> <cancel value="Cancel" /> <license value="License"/> <close value="Close"/> <closeall value="Close All"/> <closeother value="Close All Other Pages"/> <loadexternaltool value="External tools Loading..."/> <loadplugin value="%s Plugin Loading..."/> <loadhistory value="History Loading..."/> <exittip value="Sure you want to exit the AndroidKiller?"/> <exit value="Exit"/> <exitworktip value="projects working, are you continue to exit?"/> <exitsavetip value="projects don't save, are you continue to exit?"/> <interested value="Interested"/> <interestedtip value="You are looking for is here"/> <envcurfilepath value="Current project file path"/> <envcurprocpath value="Current project path"/> <envapppath value="AndroidKiller path"/> <envcurapkpath value="Current project APK path"/> <envcurjarpath value="Current project Jar Path"/> <modify value="Modify"/> <save value="Save"/> <saveandallhint value="Save the current changes(Ctrl+S)&#xD;&#xA;Save all the changes(Ctrl+Shift+S)"/> <savetip value="%s has been modified and needs to be saved?"/> <repalceprojtip value="%s project in history has the same name exists, whether to replace an existing item?"/> <repalce value="Replace"/> <lockfile value="Lock file"/> <lockfilehint value="Lock the current file as read-only mode"/> <undo value="Undo"/> <undohint value="Undo(Ctrl+Z)"/> <redo value="Redo"/> <redohint value="Redo(Ctrl+Shift+Z)"/> <cut value="Cut"/> <cuthint value="Cut(Ctrl+X)"/> <paste value="Paste"/> <pastehint value="Paste(Ctrl+V)"/> <copy value="Copy"/> <copyhint value="Copy(Copy+C)"/> <copyall value="Copy All Info"/> <copyallhint value="Copy all information to the clipboard"/> <copymore value="Copy the details"/> <copyto value="Copy to"/> <copywait value="Is copying files, please wait..."/> <findbaidu value="Baidu search"/> <findbaiduhint value="Use baidu search selected information"/> <findgoogle value="Google search"/> <findgooglehint value="Use google search selected information"/> <findtext value="Text search"/> <wordwarpauto value="Wordwrap"/> <wordwarpautohint value="Word wrap"/> <posback value="Jump back"/> <posbackhint value="Jump back cursor position"/> <posforward value="Jump forward"/> <posforwardhint value="Jump forward cursor position"/> <showhidepanel value="Show or hide panel"/> <chartoolong value="name is too long, no more than 30 characters"/> <custom value="Customize"/> <unkownhistory value="Unknown History"/> <historyproject value="History Project"/> <unknownopentip value="Unknown project, unable to open"/> <openproject value="Open Project"/> <openprojecthint value="Open this history project"/> <openprojectfolder value="Open Project Folder"/> <openprojectfolderhint value="Open the history in the path of the project"/> <newfolder value="New Folder"/> <newfolderinput value="Please enter the name of the new folder:"/> <newfolderselhint value="The new folder in the selected"/> <newfolderwait value="Is the new folder, please wait..."/> <new value="New"/> <previewfolder value="Preview picture folder"/> <previewfolderhint value="Preview in the folder pictures"/> <saveas value="Save As"/> <refresh value="Refresh"/> <refreshhint value="Refresh the history project list"/> <refreshfilehint value="Refresh the file list"/> <arr value="Attribute"/ rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <arrselhint value="Open the selected attributes"/ rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <del value="Delete"/> <delhint value="Delete history project"/> <delselhint value="Delete the selected"/> <deltip2 value="After deleting some files may cause the system can not run normally, sure you want to continue to delete files?"/> <delwait value="Deleting files, please wait..."/> <clear value="Clear"/> <clearwait value="Is clear, please wait..."/> <clearhint value="Clear all historical projects"/> <rename value="Rename"/> <renamehint value="Rename history project name"/> <renameselhint value="Rename the selected"/> <renamewait value="Is renamed, please wait..."/> <renameinput value="Please enter a new file name:"/> <open value="Open"/> <openhint value="Open a new file (drag files to the main window quickly open)"/> <openbigfile value="Open big file"/> <openbigfiletip value="%s file is bigger, whether to need to continue to open?"/> <file value="File"/> <option value="Option"/> <help value="Help"/> <view value="View"/> <home value=" Home "/> <tool value=" Tools "/> <fullexpand value="Full Expand"/> <fullcollapse value="Full Collapse"/> <internal value="Internal"/> <hidepanel value="Hidden panel"/> <hidepanelhint value="Hide the toolbar panel"/> <configs value="Configuration"/> <configshint value="Set configuration options"/> <about value="About"/ rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <abouthint value="The author of the good man"/ rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <start value="Start"/> <converttool value="Encoding"/> <converttoolhint value="Encodes a string format conversion"/> <customtool value="Custom"/> <customtoolhint value="Custom external tools"/> <md5tool value="Md5 Viewer"/> <md5toolhint value="View the file or a string of MD5 information"/> <filesearchtool value="File Searcher"/> <filesearchtoolhint value="Search the information in the specified file"/> <filemissopentip value="%s file is missing, unable to open"/> <filenotopen value="unable to open"/> <fileexiststip value="%s has the same file exists, please try other files"/> <filename value="File Name"/> <fileloadlist value="Being loaded file list, please wait..."/> <filepost value="Are uploading files, please wait..."/> <fileexport value="Is the export file, please wait..."/> <filemultiple value="Multiple files"/> <filedelfail value="Delete failed, may file occupied!"/> <filechangetip value="%s in the external has been changed, and whether you need to reload?"/> <filenotsupport value="Does not support the file format of the operation"/> <filefilterformattip value="Filter file format"/> <filefilterall value="All file format"/> <filefiltersel value="Exists in the list:"/> <filefilterallsel value="All"/> <filepreviewsizetip value="Preview size"/> <filepreviewpic value="Preview thumbnail"/> <filepreviewsize value="Image size:"/> <filepreviewreverse value="Reverse"/> <filepreviewrotateleft value="Rotate to left"/> <filepreviewrotateright value="Rotate to Right"/> <folderchildviewtip value="Browse child folder"/> <owner value="Owner"/> <size value="Size"/> <time value="Time"/> <usergroup value="User Groups"/> <other value="Other"/> <read value="Read"/> <write value="Write"/> <exec value="Exec"/> <permissions value="Permissions"/> <permissionsedit value="Modify permissions"/> <permissionsedit2 value="%s Modify permissions"/> <permissionswait value="Are modifying file permissions, please wait..."/> <remarks value="Remarks"/> <plugins value="Plug-in"/> <pluginname value="Name"/> <pluginver value="Version"/> <thanks value="Thanks"/> <thankinfo value="Thank the friends to help:"/> <netname value="Name"/> <path value="Path"/> <patherrtip value="%s file path is not correct, please enter again"/> <pathcurr value="The current path: %s"/> <pathback value="Back to the parent path"/> <pathempty value="The path is not correct, please enter"/> <param value="Param"/> <name value="Name"/> <nameemptytip value="Name cannot be empty. Please enter"/> <nameexiststip value="%s has the same name exists, please try another name"/> <add value="Add"/ rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <addfile value="Add Files"/ rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <export value="Export"/> <exportseldir value="Select the exported save directory"/> <edit value="Edit"/> <paramhint value="If you have any special characters or Spaces in path exists in the file using parameter failure, please use &quot;&quot; the parameters"/> <parambtnhint value="Set the environment variable"/> <search value="Search"/> <searchtip
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